free online firewall !!??!!

  woofwoofbark 09:21 06 Nov 2004

Can anyone list how many there are and which ones are effective to use permanently puh-leez !!

I know of a few that I can buy ie Nortons/Zone Alarm/Mcafee ect ect .... but are there any free online anywhere that will do the job ?



scrooge .. me ?? never :p

im using Sygate everything is fine but I keep getting popups constantly even when I tick the 'dont show this window again' they just keep coming and coming and coming .....

do many of you guys use the free online firewalls ?

  D G 09:25 06 Nov 2004

There's actually a free version of zone alarm. I use sygate I don't have any problems with pop ups ect. DG

  D G 09:27 06 Nov 2004

Here's the address for zone alarm
click here

  woofwoofbark 09:28 06 Nov 2004

Hi .... I keep getting a popup through my sygate ... im using the Sygate free edition and im on winXP ....

An application named NT Kernel & system (file name ntoskrnl.exe) has been blocked from accessing the network.

i have ticked the box 'dont show this window again' but it keeps reappearing every few mins ... does anyone know what the NT Kernel & system , ntoskrnl.exe is and is it needed to run the comp ?

  britto 10:14 06 Nov 2004

If they are the blue box pop ups from sygate, right click the tray icon and select options then ok on the general tab third down tick hide notification messages.

  woofwoofbark 10:29 06 Nov 2004

Cheers britto that has done the trick , it was getting pretty frustrating listening to the ping of the popup every few mins

Job done , much appreciated


  D G 11:03 06 Nov 2004

Sorry should have thought about that option.
but at least someone's thinking straight, ie:britto.

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