Free Norton Upgrade NIS 2007 to 2008?

  Lettervanman 18:05 05 Feb 2008

I have received this offer to upgrade NIS 2007 to 2008 for free!
Is this a full upgrade I wonder,and why would they give it free?

  Totally-braindead 18:08 05 Feb 2008

To encourage you to keep buying their products perhaps?

And if the email is from Symantec then it probably is a full upgrade and will only last as long as you have to left to run on your present subscription.

  sunny staines 18:51 05 Feb 2008

did not get one here running nis 2007

  sunny staines 19:06 05 Feb 2008

i have emailed norton support for details.

  Lettervanman 20:45 05 Feb 2008

sunny staines
It was just a pop up from Norton,not being used to something free I was unsure about it.
I still had 100 days left,but it clearly stated that 2008 would run until that ended. I took the plunge and downloaded it only to find that subscription was nil!
I went on to Norton help and via live chat (free) was able to get the days back.I had the print out with keys from when I downloaded 2007.Without that it may have been a problem. They gave me 120 days in the end,so a good result even though it took some time.

  sunny staines 06:49 06 Feb 2008

thanks for the update

  sunny staines 07:03 06 Feb 2008

just got the ok from norton email. copy below:

As a Norton Internet Security 2007 customer with a valid subscription, you are eligible to receive the latest product features available with Norton Internet Security 2008. Please follow the steps provided below to uninstall NIS 2007 and then install NIS 2008:

1. Uninstall NIS 2007
1. Download NIS 2008 program
2. Perform clean boot on your system
3. Install the NIS 2008 program on your system

STEP 1: Uninstall NIS 2007

1 Click Start > Control Panel.
2 Click Add or Remove Programs.
3 In the list of installed programs, click Norton Internet Security 2007 4 Click Remove. 5 Click Remove All.

6 Click Next, and follow the instructions.
7 In the "Norton Internet Security 2007 has been successfully removed" dialog box, click Restart Windows now (recommended).
Norton Internet Security is not fully removed until you restart your computer. 8 Click Finish.

STEP 2: For downloading NIS 2008 program

For downloading the software, please refer to the link provided below:

Web URL:
click here

Please save the document on the Desktop and then run.

After the successful installation of Norton Internet Security 2008 version, Symantec recommends that you archive NIS081500.exe ( Norton Internet Security 2008 - installation file) the downloaded file in case you need to reinstall the program later. To archive the files, copy the files to a separate place on the hard drive or to a CD disc or DVD disc.

I was also issued with an activation code for the 2008 download.

  rawprawn 07:29 06 Feb 2008


  rickd 17:44 06 Feb 2008

Both my wife and my PC's run NIS 2006, both installed at about the same time. Yesterday she got the free upgrade offer, and it seems to have installed fine (without any need for manually unistalling etc). Just needed the original instal key, and the remaining subscription (120 days)automatically carried over.
Only thing is antispam needs a separate download, but will do that tonight hopefully. However, I've not yet recieved the free offer, but I think I installed Norton maybe a day later on my PC, so maybe it triggers at a certain time i.e. 120 days to go, or maybe they just haven't got around to me yet. Or maybe they don't like me. Still, it means her PC is the guinea pig, and if it crashes then I won't bother on mine!
I guess its for free, so they can ask you to continue your subscription of 2008 when its due, rather than the potentially slightly cheaper 2006/7 renewal option??

  sunny staines 18:06 06 Feb 2008

mine installed a dream

  rickd 18:39 03 Mar 2008

Got bored of waiting for Norton to give me an invite so followed sunny staines link, and it installed fine, though you don't need to uninstall 2006 first as it does it automatically, and finds the key you already have (which maybe deletes if you uninstall?) so the subscription continues and no need for reactivation etc (provided you do have an account!).

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