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  cowgirl66 09:57 18 Nov 2006

I too was tempted by the free upgrade for my Norton product - Internet Security Suite 2006 - and having closed all files, began the download. It then got to the second stage of checking all existing files on the system and I had to install the Activex tool. No worries there. But then a window came up telling me I had to enable Javascript and cookies for the download to work. How do I do this?

I retried several times, then tried from the downloaded SymADataWeb upgrade application I had already saved. That only ran the blue dotted line halfway across, and then stopped.

I have restarted my computer and tried again. Still no good.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, especially if I can get the upgrade as a result!

Regards cowgirl66

  anskyber 10:03 18 Nov 2006

Have you got high security control through your browser for cookies? The default is medium and can be found in tools, internet options, privacy tab.

On the security tab the setting is usually medium/high. If it is set to high it can disable Java from running. You may need to restart your browser after changing the settings if you need to.

  anskyber 10:07 18 Nov 2006

Which browser are you using? If its IE6 then this click here is an alternative custom setting for cookies and Java although the above should work for you.

  Probabilitydrive 10:23 18 Nov 2006

cowgirl66, I did an upgrade yesterday. I ran into an ActiveX download problem as well. There was no clear path I can recall how I resolved it, but I kept downloading (clicking on the yellow bar) ActiveX.

After about 3 restarts, I succeeded and NIS 2007 is now installed.

more on it click here

  cowgirl66 11:08 18 Nov 2006

anskyber, I have set all my cookie settings to your advised ones but no good. I am using IE7 by the way.

Still the file I have saved won't run and when I use the website to go through those 3 stages, the first stage of downloading tools is ignored completely, the little round thing is whizing around in the second stage instead. then the Activex bar comes up which of course I allow.
But I still get the message appearing saying I must allow cookies and javascript to run.

I'm tearing my hair out here!

  cowgirl66 11:09 18 Nov 2006

I thought maybe that I ought to completely uninstall Norton Security and then use the removal tool which I did. That's not solved the problem either

  anskyber 11:25 18 Nov 2006

I think others here may help you, it is possible that the "upgrade" requires the original to be in place and for it to be downloaded over the top for the free upgrade to work.
I don't know at which point you uninstalled but that point could be an issue now.

As a check for Java go to tools, internet options, advanced and see if jave is enabled there. The latest version is JRE and can be downloaded , its this Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 5.0 Update 9 from here click here

  anskyber 11:27 18 Nov 2006

If you have uninstalled and the updater needs the original installed it may be worth the (expensive) call to Norton explaining things.

  Probabilitydrive 11:40 18 Nov 2006

cowgirl66, I would aree with anskyber. The upgrade is from NIS 2006 to 2007. If you dont have it anylonger on your system the NIS scanning tool (activeX install-the one which you couldn't download in the frist place) has nothing to detect and cant confirm that yoour system qualifies for an upgrade.

Whatever you do, you need a firewall to go online! Switch on Windows firewall (start>control panel>Security center>Windows firewall)till you have Norton installed.

  cowgirl66 13:55 18 Nov 2006

OK I'm back from the stores. Now then when I first heard about the free update (in this forum) I already was running Norton Internet Security Suite 2006 and everything was fine. I just thought the freebie sounded good.

Then the trouble began as I've told you above. At this point and afte reading all of your advice, folks, I tried following your instructions and still I couldn't get the activex tool to work. Then I uninstalled Norton as I've heard before someplace that to upgrade it can be easier with uninstallation first. This is my error but I've re-installed Norton again and done all the updates.

Anskyber, the link you've shown me to Java Runtime Environment is something I haven't got on my system. Is this maybe the trouble. I have no Sun Java at all as far as I know (old xp installation cd - 2002)

  Lettervanman 16:11 18 Nov 2006

I have posed this question before without reply.
If the free upgrade gives the full function of 2007 then what is the point of Norton having it on their site as a pay for upgrade?

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