Free music downloads.

  curlylad 11:55 07 Jun 2004

I was discussing Napster with some friends recently who tell me you have to pay to download music from the site but said that it is possible to download music for free from other sites.If so is this legal and if it is where can I find these sites ?

  Kate B 12:24 07 Jun 2004

Free ones aren't legal, but it's up to you to decide whether or not you go down that route.

Also, the free ones are not websites, they're peer-to-peer networks. That means you install the software, make a folder available (you don't have to, but it's good etiquette to do so) and your machine in effect becomes one of zillions of servers. So when you do a search, it searches the available folders on the online machines and you download the track directly from that - there's no website to go through, ergo there's nothing for the regulators to shut down.

There are various applications available. Try Win MX from click here.

Be warned that these apps can come laden with nastyware. Once you've got it installed, and before you go online, run your AV software and Spybot and Adaware to weed out any nasties. Having said that, I've found Win MX to be pretty free of such stuff.

Oh, you'll need broadband. Trying to download a big file on dial-up is like trying to slurp up quick-setting concrete through a straw.

  curlylad 12:32 07 Jun 2004

Thanks , I'll have a look at your link.

  Dan 12:37 07 Jun 2004

Try here

click here

some good stuff and a pretty wide range, though not usually Top of the Pops kind of things.

using mx not harmful unless you dont shre when you just get abuse

oh plus dont b greedy and have a firewall

  anniel 15:39 07 Jun 2004

May I advise you to go to this site:

click here

It is the ultimate in news and discussion about all kinds of P2P sharing. There are also forums on each of the main downloading programmes.

  spuds 19:08 07 Jun 2004

If you visit a PC World store, they have the Napster installation cd-roms on display.This cd includes a free trial.This cd-rom also includes a number of freebie downloads, like cd label creator etc.

System requirements: Windows XP/2000.Microsoft IE 5 or higher.Windows Media Player 7.1 or higher.Internet connectivity. click here click here click here

  spuds 19:10 07 Jun 2004

Forgot to mention, the above Napster installation cd-rom is free for the picking.

  spuds 19:14 07 Jun 2004

Sorry for incorrect links. Try click here click here click here

  DAGO49 07:01 08 Jun 2004

There are some sites around that allow free legal d/l of music, they are ther to promote up and coming artistes and others who are still plugging away on the pub/club circuit, most give away a lot of their music some only one or two tracks and the oppurtunity to buy the CD's, you will not find any 'Top of the Pos' here but some very good bands nonetheless.

click here



  DAGO49 07:02 08 Jun 2004

Meant to read 'Top of the Pops' not pos...a freudian slip?

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