free music downloading ??

  tadworth 18:36 23 Dec 2011

I now know that Limewire is full of infections, i learn't the hard way on that one ! but is there actually any way to download free music without exposing your pc to infection ?

  john bunyan 19:16 23 Dec 2011

I use Audials8, which seeks FM stations and finds your choice, allowing editing out of announcers voice etc. A bit like taping "Top of the Pops" from FM radio in the old days. It is OK for popular music that gets played on radios throughout the world, but less popular stuff takes time.Advantage - no virus; disadvantage: a bit limited in scope.

  john bunyan 19:18 23 Dec 2011

PS this is a (modestly) pay for programme, but the other day , for example I got 80 tunes in a few hours - say about £60 if from iTunes. I think P2P music is dodgy to say the least.

  enjay8 11:34 25 Dec 2011

Each time I enter the search bar a window appears showing all the entries I've previously made, can this effect be cancelled?

  Woolwell 11:53 25 Dec 2011

enjay8 - you need to start a new thread and in it tell us which browser and which search bar.

  Graphicool1 13:15 25 Dec 2011

Here's what I use and it's free...CLICK HERE

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