Lemur 14:05 23 Aug 2003

I recently downloaded the free version of MSGTAG. It started working well for my sendings, to individual recipients only, but has been getting progressively slower in reporting back when recipients open their mail. It now seems to have stopped altogether.

I did not notice anything about the free version being on a trial basis.

Has anyone else had trouble please?

  spuds 15:38 23 Aug 2003

What's this about, and how do you get the download?.Regards.

  Lemur 16:17 23 Aug 2003

Hello pops,

Thanks for your input. I must send myself a test e-mail, but I have 16 un-notified messages going back over the last week. Maybe I have a load of friends all on holiday at the same time!?

Hello spuds,

I was introduced to MSGTAG when I raised the discussion topic "E-mail receipt". Suggest you look at that discussion, and go to click here which explains the facility better than I could. It does not work on multiple recipients unfortunately for me! Enjoy.

  Lemur 16:27 23 Aug 2003


The test worked well, and in record time!

  Lemur 23:31 23 Aug 2003

Hello Meshuga, pops and suzie005,

Thanks for your input.

As a novice, I wonder if maybe the facility has been over popular, and perhaps got overloaded. I wonder also, if anyone who has upgraded, has had similar problems, or might be able to find out more??

  spuds 11:51 24 Aug 2003

Lemur- Thanks for the link. Just downloaded MSGTAG.Will now give it a try.

  Lemur 09:00 27 Aug 2003

spuds - Good luck.

suzie005 - Many thanks for drawing my attention to the FAQ., facility. I must write out a thousand times: "Read the b----- instructions"!

I think that the answer to my question lies in the following answer to an FAQ., which seems to apply to a large proportion of the messages I send:

Ensure that your email client is correctly set up to use MSGTAG. Click on the following links to find out how to check your settings in your email client.

Outlook Express

Finally, it may be an incompatibility with some aspect of the recipient's mail configuration. While MSGTAG works reliably in almost all situations, some mail clients, firewall and mail configurations may be incompatible with MSGTAG-enabled emails.

A small number of email users have text-only email clients, which do not trigger tagged messages due to the fact that MSGTAG relies on an embedded image in the tagged message. Some email security products designed to filter out spam and viruses also inadvertantly block the tags produced by MSGTAG.

Don't worry, this will not stop the recipient from receiving your email!


An answer to another question I touched on is:

Can I attach a tag to a group email?
Because of the potential for abuse by spammers, MSGTAG does not currently support group emails. If you send an email with multiple recipients while MSGTAG is on, it will flash a small alert icon in your system tray and a message will pop up telling you that your email was unable to be tagged. If you want to send a tagged email to lots of people, we suggest that you copy and paste the email content into multiple emails.

Thanks again everyone for your help.

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