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  Kevscar1 10:03 30 Sep 2012

Does anyone know of one that I can use my own RSD photos as trasitions. Can't find a way to do it in Windows one

  lotvic 12:08 30 Sep 2012

Not sure what you are meaning by 'using your own photos as Transitions'? Transitions determine how your pictures (or vid clips) change from one to another. Options such as twirl, wipe, and dissolve etc you just insert the effect you want inbetweeen each photo/vid clip. In Windows Movie Maker you Drag & drop it on to timeline or storyboard view. You can use both video transitions and video effects for your photos, there are different 'boxes' to drag them to in storyboard view.

  Kevscar1 12:40 30 Sep 2012

What I want is my own photos to fade in and out of the original video like a transiton.

  lotvic 12:58 30 Sep 2012

'the original video' do you mean you have a continuous video clip and want to insert your photos (with whatever effects you choose)?

For example: say you have one vid that is 10 mins long and you want to insert a fade in and fade out of your own photo at 3 minutes into it. Is that what you mean?

  lotvic 13:52 30 Sep 2012

If it is then you have to split the video into segments at the frame you want. On my XP movie maker it is one of the option buttons under the preview window. There are also frame buttons (next, back) so you can choose where to split it.

In the timeline/storyboard it goes like this: Part1 vid | Fade | Photo | Fade | Part2 vid | Fade | Part3 vid.

  lotvic 13:59 30 Sep 2012

Edit, (I missed photo at end)

Part1 vid | Fade | Photo | Fade | Part2 vid | Fade | Photo | Fade | Part3 vid

You can alter the Pic & Fade time through Tools - Options - Advanced tab. I found best to do that first, or you may have trouble altering existing storyboard and have to delete short one and replace with new. (It might just be me that can't do that bit right ;))

  Kevscar1 16:06 30 Sep 2012

It's not a problem splitting it, done that lots of times but what I need to do is have the video fade out and one of my photos come up and then fade back to the original video without altering the timeline so the music keeps running consistantly

  hastelloy 16:19 30 Sep 2012

If you're adding the music separately then do as lotvic suggests and then add the music track.

If the music is part of the existing video then you would need to cut the video before and after the photo(added in a 2nd video track)and reduce the opacity of the video until you can see the photo clearly. Alternatively, separate the video and audio between the cuts and then delete the video and insert the photo to fit the gap, inserting the fades as appropriate.

  lotvic 16:54 30 Sep 2012

so if I understand correctly about the length of music and not altering the timeline (duration of vid) - maybe you could cut out and replace some of the frames in the video with: Fade| photo | Fade

or you don't want to lose any of the video frames you will have to make finished vid longer and alter the music to suit.

Guess you first need to separate the music from the video so that you end up with 2 files, one silent vid and one music track. Then make your 'new' silent vid and then add the music track.

VLC can extract the audio but the original vid still has the audio. I'm not sure about extracting the Video to make it silent. Hopefully someone will post with how to do that. It's not one of my strong points (I don't know how to do that ;))

  lotvic 16:59 30 Sep 2012

sorry marvin42 didn't see your post, (I should have refreshed page before I posted :)) that sounds interesting I'd like to do that for one of my homemade vids, unfortunately not today now, as have to go out for a few hours.

  lotvic 17:06 30 Sep 2012

Couldn't resist a google before I go out:

'how to separate video from audio in windows movie maker'

seems there are various options/ways to achieve it in MovieMaker.

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