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  [DELETED] 07:58 21 Jan 2006

how do i find out what processes can be closed, i sse to bew missing around 200 -300 mb when pc is idle i have 1 gig of ram but only showing atound 700 of free memory sometimes as low 600 mb, also i have been told to defrag my page file but dont have a clue how

  Diodorus Siculus 08:34 21 Jan 2006

Windows XP Memory Tweak Guide - TechSpot
click here if you use XP

Also give some more details of your specification - processor, hard disks, running programs at startup etc.

  [DELETED] 08:35 21 Jan 2006

To De Fragment - Start/programs/accessories/system tools/defrag.
This can be time consuming if you have not done it before.Best set to run and leave the machine overnight- any activity- even moving a mouse still stop the process.
This will free up space on the Hardrive.
But you are talking RAM a different thing ltogether. To free up RAM close down all background programs.
To do this
Start, in the left hand column all programs running is listed.'This is the Start Group' that start on boot up
Right click on each and you will see 'Remove from this list' click on that. and the programs will not run next start up.
However the list will rebuild in time so it will need checking on.
A useful accessory is 'End It All' so you can close programs in mass on the fly.
A Google search with 'end it all' in the frame will show you where to find it.

  [DELETED] 13:47 21 Jan 2006

it wa not defragging the hard drive it was the page file.

  Diodorus Siculus 14:00 21 Jan 2006

The Windows XP Page File
click here

Better off deleting it and recreating it in my opinion.

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