Free Linux av software?

  Diodorus Siculus 23:04 28 Jan 2005

Can anyone suggest any free linux software for my laptop running Suse 9.1 personal?

Personal experience preferred to a simple google search please!

Thanks, Dio.

  octal 07:39 29 Jan 2005

I used BitDefender for several months on my Xandros V2 until I upgraded to V3 and I haven't bothered loading it back on yet:

click here

In all that time it didn't find anything at all and I used to regularly update it as well. I think the main problem is not so much getting a virus yourself, but passing a virus onto someone else via email.

From what I can gather its quite difficult to write a virus which attacks the kernel, most of the virus seem to attack individual applications, which can be easily dealt with by removing the application and reloading it. I checked the virus database and as far as I can tell all the virus which are listed are Windows ones. I think the main intention of Linux AV is to make sure there are none lurking on your machine which could be passed on to some poor unsuspecting Windows user!

I've check the Xandros forums to see if anyone has ever been infected and the answer is no, bear in mind some of those guy's have been using Linux for years, so I suppose they should know.

If you haven't already got one, I would recommend a firewall, I've used FireStarter, its very unobtrusive but does its job well. click here

  octal 08:00 29 Jan 2005

By the way, if you want to download BitDefender, use an FTP client the host is click here sign in is anonymous and navigate to /pub/linux/free/bitdefender-console/en and pick the download you need.

If you use Firefox I use the fireFTP you can pick up in one of the extensions.

  octal 08:03 29 Jan 2005


The host is FTP(dot)bitdefender(dot)com

Lets see if that works.

  Diodorus Siculus 08:13 29 Jan 2005

octal - thanks for all that; I will give it a go maybe. I have been running Suse 7, 8 and now 9 on my dekstop with no problems but have now put it as the main OS onto my laptop and was concerned about a possible need for an AV program. As soon as I get thunderbird up and running I will focus on the AV.

Thanks again for your interest.

  Diodorus Siculus 08:15 29 Jan 2005

Thanks for the firewall info, by the way; when configuring my modem I was given the option to configure a firewall.

  dth 13:16 29 Jan 2005

There isn't a real need for an A/V program with Suse. As any Windows based virus will not work and the only virus that have appeared for Linux are for 'proof of concept' reasons (only if using as Root).

  octal 13:25 29 Jan 2005

And nobody runs there system in root, well, I hope they don't :-)

  Diodorus Siculus 14:03 29 Jan 2005

Nope, not using root :-)

But I am having a problem with the modem which worked great in 9.1 - now not working in 9.2. :-(

  Diodorus Siculus 09:30 31 Jan 2005

Went back to 9.1 - seems to be a bug in the 9.2 loading of software modems. Maybe soneone can tell me how to install a new driver cos I had to give up! I got the driver here - easy enough but I can't work out the install routine.

  octal 10:44 31 Jan 2005

Is the driver come as a TAR.GZ package? If you have a look in the package, there should be a 'readme' text file in there which gives the instructions.

From memory if you go to the root consol and to get a listing of the files in the tar file unpack them, type:

tar zvxf <file>.tar.gz

Conventionally, all the files in a tgz file are in a single directory. Change to that directory and type:



su -c make install

This has to be done in the directory. This should all be in the 'readme' file.

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