Free On-line Backup

  bluemoon69 18:39 12 Jan 2011

Hi all and thanks in advance.
Just wanted peoples views on what they think is the best Free Online Backup sites.
Many thanks.
and kind regards.

  rawprawn 19:08 12 Jan 2011

I have a very deep suspicion of any "free" online backup sites. They will hold all your data, Is it really safe??
Better spend a few pounds, and buy yourself an external drive.Much safer!

  bluemoon69 19:23 12 Jan 2011

Cheers mate i know what you are saying but what i want to put there will be of no use to anyone and i have an external drive also, just want to double secure the things in life that are of sentimental value.

  bluemoon69 19:26 12 Jan 2011

ADrive looks ok and with 50GB of storage.
Anyone have any views on them.
At the mo i'm using SkyDrive but don't know why i just diss like it :)
Cheers all,

  robin_x 19:40 12 Jan 2011

I have a PC and 2 laptops which I backup to ext HDD.

I have considered on-line backup, but upload and download speeds are too low for lots of GBs.

I do use the on-line Dropbox service instead of a USB flash drive for transferring data (eg Firefox bookmarks) between my machines.
(only one is usually on at a time, so network transfer is no use)

However, when I use Dropbox I don't want ANY possibility of my data being visible (although it is harmless) so I encrypt the copies I leave there. (Axcrypt)

I would not trust any online business with valuable data (eg family photos) except as a 3rd or 4th backup. Companies can go out of business, or be sold and start charging and occasionally one of them will lose data for a few thousand customers.

  GaT7 19:56 12 Jan 2011

I use SkyDrive, it's fine if a bit slow to upload as you know.

For added security (& like robinofloxley), I use the free TrueCrypt click here to create encrypted containers & place sensitive info/data/files in these. Then I upload these containers to SkyDrive.

I also have other backups of the files I place on SkyDrive to be on the safe side. G

  GaT7 20:04 12 Jan 2011

I forgot to mention one of the biggest downsides of SkyDrive (apart from the slow upload) is the low file size limit - only 50Mb :-(

Does anyone know if this has been increased & to what size? G

  GaT7 20:20 12 Jan 2011

Just came across this PCA review (July 2010) 'The 5 best free online storage services' click here. G

  GaT7 19:29 15 Jan 2011

robinofloxley, thanks for the PM regarding Dropbox. I have put it down as one of the things I'm going to try in the next week or two. G

  Ian in Northampton 19:38 15 Jan 2011

No-one is more paranoid than me about backing up... My two internal 250GB drives are backed up to two external 250GB drives. These are backed up to an external 1TB drive. And the external 1TB drive is backed up to another 1TB drive that I keep somewhere else... I feel a whole lot happier about having it all under my own control rather than rely on some company that may go belly up.

  Ian in Northampton 19:42 15 Jan 2011

Another thing occurs to me... If you've got very little data to back up - and potentially restore - it wouldn't be a problem. But if, like me, you've got tens of Gigabytes of music, photos and so on - what's it going to do to your contract with your ISP when you come to try to retrieve it? With many contracts, you'll end up going well over your limit. Do that more than once and, chances are, your ISP will throttle you. Keep it local, like rawprawn said... :-)

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