Free Label maker software

  geedad 14:49 19 Dec 2011

Anyone know a simple FREE label maker? I have MS Works, but the label maker on that seems to only print 4 addresses on a whole A4 page. I have created a list in Works Excel, and just need a simple program to make labels, perhaps with about 7 fields and font choice.


  Pepper9 15:44 19 Dec 2011

Try Avery - they have free downloads but whether for Works I'm not sure.

  TonyV 18:42 19 Dec 2011


Avery Wizard works fine. But you can also stick Free Label software in to Google and see what else comes up. There are a number of free ones around.



  Woolwell 18:45 19 Dec 2011

TonyV - I am fairly sure that Avery Wizard is for Office not Works. have you used it with Works?

  Woolwell 18:55 19 Dec 2011

geedad - which version of Works are you using. I've just tried creating labels using the works word processor and data from it spreadsheet and I get the full range of labels. Did you use print preview to see how the result looks as I only had one label until then.

If you open Works help and in the search box type mail then list topics and then open "creating advanced mail merge documents" it shows how. If you get stuck come back.

  TonyV 19:12 19 Dec 2011


I have just checked it out and you are correct. I've had a copy of Avery Software for years, but have only used in Office variations.

I suppose the other obvious choice is to use Open Office and it's Label maker. Then use that instead of fighting Works.


  Woolwell 19:14 19 Dec 2011

TonyV - I agree OpenOffice or LibreOffice are better than Works.

  TonyV 19:42 19 Dec 2011


This may well help you. Avery Works


  TonyV 19:44 19 Dec 2011


The above was for the Avery information and Templates etc, not for you to buy the Works software!!


  geedad 21:14 19 Dec 2011

Pepper9 This is my second attempt at replying to you! I repeat - I am sorry that I did not mention that I am trying to use Avery's excellent program DesignPro on my Intel i5 PC with pre-installed Works. Previously, and with no problems whatsoever, and with the very good service from Avery, I was using their Avery Label Wizard to great effect on my old XP and MS Office 1997. The DesignPro software is also free, but I can only print 4 labels on a whole page as yet, on my new PC using Works Excel.

I do apologize for not recognising that my earlier reply to you did not 'go through' as I intended. That is a mystery!


You are correct. Avery Label Wizard ONLY works in OFFICE.Thank you for your offer of further help.

TonyV Thank you. I will try OPen Office label maker, and see how I get on with that . geedad

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I am finding it extremely difficult to edit/type into this forum.

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