Free Keylogger

  LeedsLass 08:30 12 Apr 2006

Can anyone recommend a free keystroke logger? I want one that only logs keystrokes - don't need anything fancy but don't want it to be one of those malicious ones that send any logs back to the "owner".

I know it sounds like a strange request but I suspect a flatmate *may* be using my PC (when I'm out) for let's say, dubious, activity. I can't disallow access completely to him as he pays towards the Broadband but the deal was that "certain" sites would not be accessed and I don't want to confront him until (if?) I have proof.

  rawprawn 09:25 12 Apr 2006

Rather than a keylogger, why not just look at the Temp Internet files in Internet Options. If they have been deleted download "Restoration"

click here
and have a look through the deleted files on your HD

  LeedsLass 09:50 12 Apr 2006

Thanxs guys / gals - I didn't know you could check like that instead :o)

  LeedsLass 07:53 13 Apr 2006

No - the PC is mine but I can't afford the Broadband on my own so I agreed they could all use my PC for www as long as they contributed to the Broadband payments, but on certain terms.

  dogbreath1 08:43 13 Apr 2006

So, you want your flat mate to subsidise your BB connection but want to restrict where he/she browses.

And now you want to spy on your flat mate's internet activity!

I'm glad that I'm not your flat mate.

  dogbreath1 09:58 13 Apr 2006

It's a strange world. A.N.Other (frequently) comes on here with a filesharing question and get's castigated even before it is clear that he is downloading copyrighted material. Yet, someone else seeks methods of spying on a flat mate...and people are falling over themselves to help!

It seems that the self appointed police on here don't include the discouragement of immoral activities within their remit.

  LeedsLass 17:11 16 Apr 2006

@ Dogbreath - the computer is mine and therefore it is my responsibility that my flatmate doesn't "infect" it with harmful virus'/malware/spyware, etc. or even a leave a history that coul be construed as "dubious"

  Migwell 22:30 16 Apr 2006

Why not restrict usage to a time when you there, so you can see what is going on. After all it is your computer!!!!

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