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  TheTerminator 11:36 25 Dec 2003

between christmas and the new year, I am going to be without any access to the internet, as I go from one broadband house to another in January...

Which pay as you go internet service providers for simple dial up access offer a simple download of software then access the internet for a week or so, then I stop using them?
Any ideas etc are as usual gratefully received.

  johnnyrocker 11:45 25 Dec 2003

why not pick up one of the many free trial discs dotted all over the place ie garages/supermarkets.


  AubreyS 11:47 25 Dec 2003

This will do you just fine. click here

  AubreyS 11:48 25 Dec 2003

I find if you use a disc, it put loads of other unwanted stuff on your PC.

  Big Elf 11:49 25 Dec 2003

Have a look at Freeserve No Ties click here It's a long time since I used this (I'm now on Anytime) that I can't remember all the steps to setting it up but I think you can configure and existing browser to use it. Alternatively pick the Freeserve CD from any DSG outlet.

  TheTerminator 11:51 25 Dec 2003

many thanks one and all, the collective knowledge of people here always impresses me. Thanks again and have a lovely and peaceful christmas day

  AubreyS 11:54 25 Dec 2003


No disrespect to Big Elf, but I would be against using a Freeserve disc. The method on the link that I sent you is straight forward and I have used it many times setting it up for others.

Have a good Xmas all.

  Big Elf 12:11 25 Dec 2003

No problem:0)

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