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  reclaimjack 22:28 01 Dec 2005

hi all... i live in a town center and i got wi fi is there a way i can set it so when my network is off some of those people out there can use my connection while its doing nothing... without me configin the router every single time. ie the router allows public access when i aint on it... i was thinking a load of marco's to reconfig the router... can this be done... cheers

  Tim1964 23:37 02 Dec 2005

Do you mean you want to let others use your connection or do you NOT want others to use it?

If you don't want to allow others access to your wireless network then disable SSID broadcast and enable WEP encription. Then only those who know the SSID and the WEP passphrase can connect.

  PaulB2005 09:16 03 Dec 2005

ie the router allows public access when i aint on it

Why on earth would you want to do that? If someone used your connection for illegal means you know who's going to get the blame don't you?

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