free ftp

  dontaskme 22:43 25 Feb 2004

Can anyone recommend a free ftp?

I'm trying to start a small forum. At the minute i only have the webspace (free with isp and not used in 18 months) and am planning to use phpBB if i can translate the user guide.

An easy to use one would be preferable.

  Forum Editor 23:02 25 Feb 2004

if you try to use phpBB in an ISP's free web space. phpBB needs a database server, and php installed - neither of which will be the case in free space.

The following database servers are supported in phpBB:

1. MySQL 3.2x

2. PostgreSQL 7.x

3. Microsoft SQL Server 7/2000

4. Microsoft Access (via ODBC)

with MySQL being the most commonly used. I suggest that if you want to use phpBB (which is an excellent choice by the way) you'll need to forget your free space and sign up with a 'proper' web host. Good hosts will set you up with your own domain name, and will certainly have a package that contains everything you need to get your forum up and running.

FTP applications are readily available, and I recommend that if you are new to that technology you start with a good one - WSFTP Pro is my personal favourite.

Once you have all that in place you'll find that installing phpBB is pretty straightforward - the readme doc that comes with the software tells all.

  dontaskme 23:36 25 Feb 2004

thanks for the help

I had a feeling there might be a problem. I am new to this, do you have any recommendations on web hosts? Are there any free ones capable of doing what i need?

I've searched for free web hosts and there appear to be thousands with subtle if no difference. What's the deal with having "Note: Forum posting required." ?

click here

I think i've confused myself and need to look at it again tomorrow. Thanks again 01:54 26 Feb 2004

and don't want to go through the bother of setting up a website, try EZBoard. You can change all the settings and designs to suit yourself, and dont have to worry about FTP or web space.

Mine is only a small forum, but it may be the sort you are looking for click here

Good luck, Whiz...

  HighTower 18:05 26 Feb 2004

I use Low Cost Names, click here, who will supply you with webspace, mySQL database, php and everything you need for phpBB2 for around £35 per year.

If your host has all you need then phpBB is a breeze to set up.

  jgosden 20:49 26 Feb 2004

see yabb forum click here this is a really good forum in perl and can be run on a free netfirms account click here, the ads do get annoying but it works if you don't want to spend any money!! and you have full control un like some of the other suggestions 01:06 27 Feb 2004

but it works if you dont want to spend any money.

The ads on EZBoard are text only, and they have enabled me to run my forum until April 2006 (so far) with no cost at all!

What more do you want from a free site?

  Pesala 11:50 27 Feb 2004

I wonder why so many people go to the trouble of setting up their own forums when one can easily create a group at MSN. I just made my own new group at click here to share expertise in my main field of interest.

It took five minutes to set up, and required no webspace or special software apart from my own internet connection.

I presume that one can do a similar thing with Yahoo Groups.

  SumKindaMonster 13:39 02 Mar 2004

Right try proboards i have my forum on there it has ads but they can be removed for $6 the url for proboards is click here and my board is at click here

As for a free host try click here only thing that isnt free is the mysql database which is a measly $5

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