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  thumbscrew 19:55 03 May 2012

I'm clinging on to XP, it suits my needs, does all I want and I'll keep it as long as I can. I've always used the Windows firewall but I'm thinking of installing one of the freebies. Can anyone who uses them point me towards what they consider the best?

  rawprawn 20:14 03 May 2012
  thumbscrew 20:23 03 May 2012

Thank you rawprawn,the Windows firewall never bothers me, how much work does Zone Alarm need?

  john bunyan 21:15 03 May 2012

When I had XP, I found PCTools firewall very good. I remember a little issue with Zone Alarm clashing with AVG (if you use it as an a/v) but maybe things are OK now.

  thumbscrew 21:18 03 May 2012

Thanks john, I've got Avast.

  john bunyan 21:23 03 May 2012

Then either ZA or PCTools should be OK. I think the latter had a slightly better review, but I am a bit out of date. May be worth having a look at recent reviews of both.Now I am on W7 I use the W7 firewall.

  thumbscrew 21:30 03 May 2012

Thanks again, checking the reviews now.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:27 03 May 2012

XP firewall is only one way

therefore you need a better one

ZA is good but gave me problems when trying to network now have sygate which is no longer available.

Latter versions of ZA will be OK

  thumbscrew 22:33 03 May 2012

Phew, thumbs up System Restore!! Downloaded Zone Alarm, seemed ok and was told to restart. On boot up I was faced with my usual Windows screen minus all my programs. Not the dreaded BSOD, but nothing at all there. I couldn't uninstall the damn thing because there was nothing there to click on. I couldn't even turn off without holding the button in! I started in Safe Mode but my Revo uninstaller wouldn't work. Fearing the worst I began System Restore and that seems to have got everything back...I've no idea what Zone Alarm did or why, but I'm back on Windows firewall now for good. If anyone knows what went wrong I'd be keen to find out.

  john bunyan 12:20 05 May 2012

Have a look here, as well

another ZA problem

  Batch 13:47 05 May 2012

I'm using ZA 7.0.483.000 with WinXP and Avast on 3 PCs, no probs at all and passes all the GRC Shields Up tests (see Gibson Research.

ZA asks every time a new or changed program wants Internet or local network access (which is how I like it).

Other thing with ZA is that you need to set up (under Firewall settings) your local net address range (e.g. through as trusted and also loopback adapter IP ( if you use that, other wise may have network probs.

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