free ebook cover creator

  Janebell 16:19 09 May 2008

I have spent most of this afternoon looking for a decent (free) ebook cover creator - to no avail. I object to spending $35 - $100 for something I will probably use only very occasionally - also the software can't be THAT technical?
Anyone know of anything out there?

  Forum Editor 19:18 09 May 2008

but some of it is very good, and to be frank, the old adage that you get nowt for nowt holds good here.

When you consider that a really professional-looking cover can work wonders in terms of attracting interest, an expenditure of £40 or so isn't exactly a fortune. I've yet to see a totally free product in this field that was any good at all.

  Janebell 20:20 09 May 2008

Thanks - good advice (sometimes you don't know whether to fork out or just keep looking) do you recommend any one in particular?

  Janebell 20:21 09 May 2008

Sorry that should have read ebook COVER creator

  Forum Editor 22:53 09 May 2008

I recommend this:

click here

  Janebell 09:55 10 May 2008

Thanks for your continued help. I don't have photoshop so this would be an expensive option - any others you know of?

  Forum Editor 17:33 10 May 2008

you run a Google search on 'ebook cover creator software'.

You'll get plenty of results, and you can look through them at your leisure.

  ChristyRZ 00:33 25 Jul 2009

GIMP is free software like Photoshop. It's as powerful as Photoshop, without the pricetag. (It's open-source.)

click here

Once you download GIMP, go to:

click here

...and get the tutorial on how to use GIMP to make the 3D covers, software boxes, etc. There's both a written tutorial as well as a set of video tutorials.

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