Free dvd copying software

  VEG 01:16 25 Oct 2003

As I have quite a lot of original dvd's I would like to make back ups of these as my little girl 2 years old has taken a fancy to them. they dont work after she has chewed them. Is there anything available to download that does it all for you.

  Djohn 01:31 25 Oct 2003

You will need a DVDR player to burn your DVD's to DVD disk. I think the software program comes as part of the package. j.

  Djohn 01:34 25 Oct 2003

Sorry, I should have included a link so you can see the type of drives I mean. j. click here

  y_not 07:54 25 Oct 2003

I have to confess that I never believed in the idea of "back-up" copies of DVD's, perhaps I'm cynical, I thought it was just people ignoring copyright.

That was until yesterday ..... I arrived home from work to find my daughters laptop on my desk and the DVD I had made some months ago of my granddaughter.

The note said "Can you put "My documents" back on the desktop and replace the DVD?"

Leaving the laptop open she had gone upstairs leaving the granddaughter (20 months) to "play" not realising that play involved altering the laptop AND successfully snapping the DVD onto two pieces!!!

Fortunately I had a copy of the DVD in my collection.

My apologies to anyone who, in the past, I have assumed was simply ignoring copyright!

  VEG 14:21 26 Oct 2003

As I said in the above post I own the originals and have paid the full shop prices for them so I just want to be able to make a copy of them and use them instead of the original. Can they be put onto cdr?

  Rayuk 14:37 26 Oct 2003

Have a look through here click here
all there is to know about DVDRW, DVD Players etc

  MidgetMan 15:09 26 Oct 2003

There are a number of programmes for free that will "copy" the dvd to cd's takes along time but they do work by converting the film etc to svcd or vcd. PCA "gave" away one recently called dvd magic, but search the forum for threads relating to it as the "magic" bit was getting it to work.

  VEG 16:23 26 Oct 2003

How long does it take to copy and write 1 dvd?

  davidg_richmond 17:06 26 Oct 2003

click here

It will take a good 12 hours with an average PC

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