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Free DVD Copy Software

  johnincrete 08:22 30 May 2012

What is the best software to use to do 8 copies of a DVD which is not protected in any way (it is a home produced one)

  onthelimit1 08:48 30 May 2012

If you have W7, why not use their own DVD burner?

  onthelimit1 09:13 30 May 2012

P.S. If you want a freebie, try ImgBurn. I've used it for ISO disks for ages.

  spuds 10:16 30 May 2012

Serif and Ashampoo offer free download DVD cutting software. You could also have a look at and for suitable and recommended downloads

  johnincrete 10:32 30 May 2012

Thanks both Onthelimit: I'm using XP. I've downloaded ImgBurn and can't make head or tail of it. Spuds: I want to copy the DVD not burn from file

  eedcam 10:45 30 May 2012

Why do you need to copy from the dvd ie burn on the fly usually you need 2 drives normal practice is to create an Iso image of the dvd which is an exact copy then burn from that.

IMGBURN> Create Image file from disc > then Write image file to disc obviously choosing the Iso you just created chose the number of copies from the drop down box .Ha! now you have to feed the beast fopr each copy about 15min at a safe low speed a disc

  johnincrete 14:02 30 May 2012

Thanks Eedcam. Now I understand ImgBurn & am creating the DVDs OK. It's easy when you know how but very difficult when you don't! It's a pity that most modern software is the same.

  eedcam 18:24 30 May 2012

Glad you are sorted Johnincrete.Yes it is easy when you know how you can also use Imgburn for duplicating cd's slightly different process but no problem

  robin_x 19:07 30 May 2012

Advantage is that hidden files and boot information (if needed) is always copied.

Effectively, you are cloning the disc to .iso, then back to optical disc.

Plenty of other apps can do this of course, but Imgburn is the one for me too.

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