free download sky tv

  strech 23:51 16 Jun 2006

click here
free to download if your a sky customer ive
just downloaded a.v.p alien v preditor

  ACOLYTE 00:09 17 Jun 2006

Pity i dont subscribe to sports/movie channels,but most you can get on dvd anyway.

  Dipso 00:51 17 Jun 2006

Just wondering, what size was the downloaded file? I'm on a capped usage package so it may not be cost effective for me.

  strech 00:54 17 Jun 2006

ye it was 960mb wave file

  rodriguez 00:58 17 Jun 2006

Yeah I've got Skybybroadband. You have to be a Sky Sports or Sky Movies subscriber but it's still good. I downloaded some films and some 3rd eye off soccer am (which is funny) and it's all been perfect quality. This is worth signing up for if you can.

  Dipso 01:08 17 Jun 2006

Cheers, I can probably accomodate that. I only have the Movies Package for a couple more months (special offer)...time to download some movies I think!

  rodriguez 01:29 17 Jun 2006

Just remember that the movies you download are DRM protected and they don't work after a month or so. I plugged the computer into my DVD recorder that I use for recording off the telly and started recording onto a DVD+RW then started the film playing in Windows Media Player fullscreen. Then I'd rip the film off the rewritable disc and put it on DVD-R and it seemed OK. Then just got rid of the downloaded films that were on the computer, bingo! The downloads are WMV format so they're compressed - which means the quality isn't quite as good as DVD or what they're broadcast at, but they're a good match. Most people don't notice the degrade in quality anyway so you should be alright.

  John B 08:13 17 Jun 2006

click here

Scroll down to 'Broadband on sky'

  Dipso 14:11 18 Jun 2006

I downloaded the software last night to my laptop. It behaved strangley afterwards, fan coming on a lot, that very rarely happens.

I checked the films on offer and must say I was a little disappointed.

This morning I received a security alert from my router of an attempted DOS attack at around 3am this morning (I shutdown at around 1am?). On checking the router logs today, this happened a few times in the hour after that. Is this to be expected when using p2p software as I have never used it before? Has anyone else had this? If the laptop continues to behave weird tonight I will probably bin the application.

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