Free document-posting website?

  Pineman100 10:15 01 Dec 2009

If I want to share some photos with my friends and family, there are lots of websites where I can post the images, free of charge, so that others can see them.

But what if I want to give others the opportunity to read a document - say in PDF or Word format? Are there similar websites where I could post it, and then circulate the link to my friends?

I suppose I could post the document on a photo website, in jpeg form, but that's a bit clunky, isn't it?

  GaT7 15:28 01 Dec 2009

What about the free Google Docs click here? G

  Technotiger 19:25 01 Dec 2009

This one is Incredible, and Free ...

click here

Even zooms pics up to thousands of times, I kid you not! OK, if you want to see individual pixels even!

  Pineman100 17:41 02 Dec 2009

That's a wide selection to choose from, and I shall enjoy checking out the suitability of each one.

Thank you all for your ideas - much appreciated.

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