Free Demographic mapping software wanted

  Phil Ocifer 14:51 14 Nov 2012

I think I would like to have a play with some demographic mapping software. Here's the scenario:

I have a list of several thousand customer postcodes and I would like to chart the population onto a map of the local area - something like you see in atlases where the population is coloured one colour and the countryside is another colour. There could be varying depths of colour for greater population density.

Does anybody know of any free software out there that might do this please? I need free because although I'm a business I'm limited with funds and just basically having a play really.

Online would do - i.e I mean I upload the postcode file and it does it for me.

I've had a scout around on google but not really sure what I'm looking for or where to look for the free stuff (if there is any)

Thanks in advance if you can assist.

Cheers Phil

  northumbria61 15:03 14 Nov 2012
  northumbria61 15:08 14 Nov 2012

Anything here to help? enter link description here

  Phil Ocifer 15:19 14 Nov 2012

Thanks northumbria61

I've already googled extensively and most of the results want to GIVE you demographic information rather than let you create your own analysis.

To be honest, I've just had a quick scan of your links and will examine in greater detail later.

Anyone else please?


  northumbria61 15:25 14 Nov 2012

Phil - that 2nd link does say - Create your own GIS maps without the expense of commercial GIS software - middle column just down from the top - hope this helps. I know nothing about this subject so can't advise any further.

  northumbria61 10:49 15 Nov 2012

Phil - here's the LINK

  northumbria61 10:49 15 Nov 2012
  northumbria61 10:51 15 Nov 2012

Will have another try - enter link description here

  Phil Ocifer 19:55 15 Nov 2012

Thanks northumbria61. I downloaded the Depiction manual this afternoon and had a quick sneaky look. It explains all the concepts in simple language. I may just have a download and a 30 day trial.

Some of the other software on the first couple of links looked a bit amateur and almost "shareware-ish" in their documentation.

I will close this for now as I'm away for a few days.

Thanks for all your help and suggestions. Phil

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