free defrag for MFT & Pagefile

  sunnystaines 16:08 28 Jan 2010

click here

for further info

click here

  JohnWilliams 17:23 28 Jan 2010

No thanks.

  sunnystaines 17:32 28 Jan 2010

Is there any problems with it, as I have only just come across it via MG and it seems alright

  mooly 19:17 28 Jan 2010

Does the paging file get fragmented ?
I understood it to be a fixed "size" that Windows creates when first set up (1.5 times RAM I think) and that if and when an application "wants" more the file does indeed expand, but that that expansion only lasts 'till the next reboot. So the original page file stays put at it's initial size and that doesn't fragment.

It's something I used to wonder on... but did a lot of reading up on it at the time. If you have enough RAM it should never be an issue these days.

And if you really want you can set the page file to zero, reboot, then recreate a fixed page file that's going to be larger than you will ever need... so that never gets fragmented.

  Input Overload 19:27 28 Jan 2010

JohnWilliams, what kind of a silly comment is that? Do you see yourself as some Guru or what? It looks a nice piece of software to me.

Thanks for sharing that sunnystaines, I will investigate further.

  sunnystaines 20:00 28 Jan 2010

thanks for your imput, noted your comments

  Input Overload 21:47 28 Jan 2010

Excellent program, gives you the option which is very rare among free defraggers to boot defrag & move files that can't be movedc in a Windows defrag. I have used this before & I have reinstalled it & it does a great job.

  Peter 01:01 29 Jan 2010


I agree with Input Overload, it's good to have the options of boot-time defragging those files that would be unmovable from within Windows - the MFT, Pagefile etc., and to defrag the entire drive before Windows gets to it.

Thanks sunnystaines for the information.


  kdt 10:22 29 Jan 2010

how does it compare with sysinternals page defrag?

  Input Overload 10:24 29 Jan 2010

You don't have to use the Boot defrag option, you can still use the 'sysinternals page defrag' if you wish.

  mooly 17:57 29 Jan 2010

You might find this interesting on the pagefile.
click here

And this is from a link in the above... say's XP but theory applicable to all,
click here

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