Free Copy DVD to another blank DVD

  geedad 14:15 03 Sep 2011

Is there a reliable FREE copier of DVDs that Forum members can recommend? I have Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit, but I cannot find a copier with this. I have authored a DVD for playing on a Video Player, but I need to copy this rather than go through the process of authoring the same video again.

Thanks, geedad

  Woolwell 14:44 03 Sep 2011

Most pcs come with burning/copying software eg Nero. Do you have something like that already?

  onthelimit1 15:40 03 Sep 2011

ImgBurn should do the trick


  Pine Man 15:41 03 Sep 2011

Imgburn - excellent bit of software found at -

  Pine Man 15:42 03 Sep 2011

onthelimit - beat me to it!

  onthelimit1 15:46 03 Sep 2011

Sorry - makes a change!

  eedcam 15:55 03 Sep 2011

Geedad surely when you made the original it also created either a Video_ts folder or an Iso image you could just burn that again of course using Imgburn as suggested

  geedad 16:01 03 Sep 2011

Thanks all forum members. You are so quick! I had just taken a glance at the PcAdvisor downloads, and found Nero. Tried it, works fine and thanks to you all! geedad

  eedcam 16:22 03 Sep 2011

Nero YUK! apart from Imgburn being superior it will be well into burning the dvd before nero is even open and ready

  geedad 16:34 03 Sep 2011

eedcam. Thanks. Your comments have been gratefully noted. I thought Nero a touch too slow, so will try your suggestion. geedad

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