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  Super Frankie Lamps 11:14 28 Mar 2008

in my previous house i had a cable phone and number which was subsequently transferred to a bt line (number was kept). i then changed to talktalk for phone and b/b services and after a time was told that i couldn't get free b/b because the number was previously a cable number. i now want to change to a different supplier but still can't get free b/b. can i ask bt to change my number, even though i am not with them. anyone else had the same problem? and how was it solved (if it was) ? many thanks in advance

  Chris the Ancient 11:25 28 Mar 2008

In your first sentence you state... "number which was subsequently transferred to a bt line (number was kept)"

Then you state near the end..."can i ask bt to change my number, even though i am not with them."

So, I'm not sure if you are bt or not!

However, if you are with bt, you can have a phone number change. But, it will cost.

  Super Frankie Lamps 11:35 28 Mar 2008

sorry. the line was cable but when i went to bt they kept the number. then i changed to talktalk and they state that because the number WAS a cable number at some stage in its life i cannot get free b/b. i am still with talktalk (who do require a bt line) but i want to know if i can get my phone number changed. apparently it is all to do with "unbundling" at the exchange.

  Chris the Ancient 11:51 28 Mar 2008

Now I'm with you.

When phone numbers are transferred from one supplier to another, they go through a system called 'porting', and this is usually accomplished by the new supplier - and usually without any difficulty. As a fr'inst, at one time I was with, what was then C&W, and I changed to BT. There was little in the way of problems. At a later date, when I wanted to change from BT to yet another supplier, they said it was not a BT number and I did tell them that I was aware of that and that the number had been ported some time back. That was the end of the problem.

So, in summary, I'm not quite sure what TT are trying to do. The 'unbundling' that they refer to should be no real problem. The equipment is resident at the exchange and it is usually just a matter of re-programming some links (though whether they do it by software or hardware adjustments, I'm not sure). The 'origin' of the phone number shouldn't really be a factor.

  woodchip 12:02 28 Mar 2008

You can get Free Broad Band with TalkTalk on a BT line

  Stuartli 12:36 28 Mar 2008

>>You can get Free Broad Band with TalkTalk on a BT line>>

You get free BB (and/or its phone services) with TalkTalk ONLY on a BT line.

  Super Frankie Lamps 16:50 28 Mar 2008

thanks for all your input, this problem has now been solved.

Apparently tt are the only people that have this problem; they are the ONLY company that insist you have to have a proper BT line, and can't use a ported cable line. The nice people at BT told me this.

  Stuartli 19:40 28 Mar 2008

This may help you to understand the relationship between CPW and BT:

click here

It took CPW some time to get its LLU equipment into BT exchanges (mine started in March 2007, a year after I joined TT).

Initiall, from April 2006, CPW was paying BT for supplying broadband and losing money - hence its need and early battle with BT over getting its LLU equipment into exchanges as speedily and cheaply as possible.

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