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  jg1990 19:48 03 Jun 2005

Hi everyone.

I'm looking for some free software which will allow me to take an image of my hard drive. Ideally, I would like it to be similar to norton ghost, but most importantly it must be free.

Can you help?

Regards, James

  Belatucadrus 22:53 03 Jun 2005
  David4637 15:05 04 Jun 2005

Does the Lexun Image Backup have a restore facility, such that if windows will not boot up,you can use a restore floppy/CD (such as Acronis provides)to re-install the backed up image back on to the HD so it can be fully restored, and windows will work again. The reason I ask this is because the info on this web link was not very comprehensive. Thanks David

  mattyc_92 15:21 04 Jun 2005

I think that you may be asking for too much..... The "decent" backup programs are not free....

For what you want, I don't think there is a suitable program.... There is Acronis True Image 8, but you have to pay for that (but it is cheaper than Norton Ghost and, in my and others opinion, is much better)

I think that Belatucadrus's links would be your best option....

  pj123 17:58 04 Jun 2005

If you are looking for a complete image of your existing hard drive you could use xxcopy free from click here but it will only back up to another hard drive. I have two hard drives in may computer C: which has my O/S and all my programmes on it and D: which has all my personal files, documents, photo's etc. I use xxcopy to clone my C: drive about once every six months. I have a third hard drive which is installed as the slave, (disconnect the D: drive). When it is finished it is removed from the computer and stored. The original D: is then reconnected. If anything then goes wrong all I have to do is put the cloned hard drive in as a Master and boot up.

Apart from that all my personal stuff on the D: drive is backed up on a daily basis to CD/DVD.

  jg1990 18:11 04 Jun 2005

Many thanks for your responses. I did have a look at the links but the software looked like it couldn't take images of hard drives.

So, I have decided to buy Acronis Drive Image, hopefully I won't have anymore sleepless nights praying that my server doesn't crash!

Many Thanks, James

  Daibus 19:40 04 Jun 2005

Interesting answers and it seems Acronis 8 is the one to go for.

  David4637 21:02 04 Jun 2005

I use the free cover disc (few months ago) of acronis 8 Personal, it works well. Only snag it will not save the image direct to a CD or DVD. You have to use INCD which I would not want to use, seems to cause more probs than its worth. Personal 8 uses a recovery CD or floppy boot disc, if windows will not boot - hence my question above about Lexun. Thanks David

  David4637 15:22 05 Jun 2005


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