Free backup program Windows 7 NAS?

  jim123321 06:01 13 Nov 2011

Need some help in backing some data up for a client, basically i would be fine if it was a normal backup but he has one of these Netgear Mybook NAS drives on his network with about 20gb of data on it, he wants to back this up to just a normal external drive via usb on a Windows 7 machine connected to the network with no compression so he can plug it in at home and have access to files if he needs them and also just in case the NAS dies, he also wants incremental backups so the first backup thats done is the big one then everything after that is just updating the files that are new or have changed on NAS. The drive connected directly to the Win 7 machine won't be connected all the time so he doesn't need scheduling but rather just a program where he can click backup now. Are there any free backup programs out there that will deal with this as i have not tried any for something like NAS to usb hd backup? Thanks

  mgmcc 19:57 13 Nov 2011

He could copy all of the data from the NAS drive to a USB external drive and thereafter use a "synchronisation" program to keep the two drives updated. It wouldn't matter in which drive a file was updated, as long as it wasn't updated in both drives between synchronisations, because the older file would be overwritten with the newer copy. I use Allway Sync to keep my data sync'd between several computers and external drives.

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