Is Free Avast Antivirus Software discontinued?

  K*B 19:41 20 Mar 2013

Friends, has the Free version of Avast Antivirus software been withdrawn? If so what could be other good alternatives? I've been using the free version of Avast until today when I have been required to pay for it. Surprise, surprise!! My laptop is now unprotected; I need a good and free AV s/ware to install urgently. Please help. OS is Vista Home Basic. Thanks in advance.

  iscanut 20:07 20 Mar 2013

Still free as far as I know Have a look here

  alB* 20:07 20 Mar 2013

K*B, Avast still do a free version, you can download it from FileHippo Avast Free


  iscanut 20:09 20 Mar 2013

Sorry about link..

Go to and look at the Anti Virus programs.

  AroundAgain 20:57 20 Mar 2013

I'm still using the free version

There was a notification, just a few days ago, to say there was an updated version available. I am just wondering if the OP happened to click on Upgrade rather than just update the free version.

I don't find it very clear when these notifications appear and really have to read carefully before clicking. I think it would be very easy to have clicked on the wrong bit and end up having selected to upgrade to the paid-for version.

Just my humble opinion ;)

  lotvic 21:48 20 Mar 2013

AroundAgain I agree, OP must have clicked on wrong one, I have Avast 8 free version, done in last couple of weeks.

K*B suggest you uninstall it and either get the free one or change to AVG free.

  K*B 04:21 23 Mar 2013

Thanks friends. I have uninstalled the upgrade and re-installed the Avast Free version and so I'm fine now with my laptop protected! What I have to learn now is how to handle those irritating alerts to upgrade or update. What's the difference between ugrade and update and which one must I choose in order to remain protected by Avast Free version? Thanks in advance.

  iscanut 10:17 23 Mar 2013

I would suggest you just "update" to be sure OR do nothing. You will soon get another prompt when it comes to updating the virus definitions.

  K*B 17:12 27 Mar 2013

Thanks friends. Iscanut2, the reinstalled avast! Free Antivirus on my laptop worked fine for a few days until yesterday. What happened: the voice announcement of update stopped suddenly and I started getting prompts to renew avast! Pro Antivirus which had expired. That was strange because I never installed avast! Pro Antivirus on my laptop. In fact that's what had happened the time that I asked for help on this forum. Another strange thing is that the icon on the desktop reads "avast! Free Antivirus" and in Control panel the installed software is "avast! Free Antivirus". I have just finished uninstalling and reinstalling avast! Free Antivirus on the laptop again. I keep wonderin why this is happening. Could it be that my laptop is being manipulated from AVAST online?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:39 27 Mar 2013


I think its because you haven't got rid of the trial Pro Avast properly before reinstalling the free version.

Use the Avast removal tool

Run the registry tool in CCleaner

reboot the machine

Run the registry cleaner again

Install Avast free

  woodchip 18:56 27 Mar 2013

Pro is the free version

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