free audio capture and conversion software please?

  lofty29 13:34 16 Nov 2008

Hi, I am planning on converting a load of LP's to CD, can anyone recommend a FREE software programme, had look on google but most either have subscriptions or have a snag.

  MAJ 14:07 16 Nov 2008

Obviously, you'll need someway of playing the LPs on your computer, either by using a USB LP player or via some cable connection between your deck and you're computer. You could them record the LPs using Audacity, which is free. click here

  eedcam 14:09 16 Nov 2008

Audacity its free providing you have phono out or earphone socket out from your player or hifi
Then just connect to line in and you are away
click here

You willneed tosplit the lpinto tracks save as wav then burn with either windows media player or any thing else you may have

  eedcam 14:10 16 Nov 2008

Sorry Maj pipped at the post

  lofty29 14:16 16 Nov 2008

thanks Guys, tried to download audacity the other day but was asked for a subs;, don't know what happened there. I am planning to download to my line in from a preamp connected to the record deck

  eedcam 14:24 16 Nov 2008

YOu wont have to pay from the site Maj and I posted .There are some ripoff sites that will try .Should be fine fromthe preamp

  lofty29 11:55 17 Nov 2008

Thanks for all your help, have not tried it yet as I am waiting for a special connecting cable, will however make as resolved, thanks again

  lofty29 12:53 19 Nov 2008

Hi People I'm back, used the audacity s/w to record and nero to burn my first LP conversion, have not played with the noise removal filters yet but otherwise things worked OK. Only problem is that the cd will not play on my wife's small boombox, will play through our dvd/cd player hooked up to the tv fine, some home compilations seem to play on the BB but others will not, just spins and sits thee with its legs crossed, any ideas. All have been finalised. thanks lofty.

  eedcam 13:50 19 Nov 2008

If you closed the discs and they are cd audio not mp3 they should play on most anything Bar some Baulk at rw's .As for noise reduction tread lightly the less you meddle the better

  lofty29 22:58 19 Nov 2008

cd's were finalised in nero and are cd-r's, transfered from audacity as wav then burnt as audio cd's on nero.

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