Free app to do "diff" on two folders?

  Dare Devil Denis 13:49 31 Dec 2005

I'm looking for a simple free app to do a recursive "diff" on two folders. This is so that I can compare the "My Pictures" folder with the version on my external backup drive (to make sure no pics have been accidentally deleted).

The closest I've found is "CSDiff" which does the job but also does a binary comparision of every file (in this case jpegs) in the folder and subfolders and so is veeeery sloooow. I just want something that checks that there are the same files without checking that each file is bitwise identical.


  Audeal 14:04 31 Dec 2005

When I want to compare the contents of two folders on different drives I open up both folders onto my Desktop and place them side by side and then I am able to compare them both. I never use software to do this as it is not needed.

  Dare Devil Denis 16:03 31 Dec 2005

Yes, but I want to check recursively within folders. I have about 100 folders at the top level. Each of these could have many subfolders, with hundreds of pictures in each folder.

  pj123 16:05 31 Dec 2005

Download PowerDesk from the PCA download page. It has a "Compare" module.

click here

used to be on page 2 but now appears to be on page 7. Scroll down to Powerdesk V5.

  EJ1947 16:34 31 Dec 2005

Try this free download from click here

I once used for the same purpose.

  Dare Devil Denis 17:18 05 Jan 2006

Thanks guys. I just realised that I already have exactly what I'm looking for already installed on my work PC. DOH! It's "Beyond Compare". Very good app. It has options to ignore the file contents (as I wanted), or compare by file size, size and CRC, or a full binary comparison.

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