for a free antivirus + firewall for 1year

  hector 911 12:20 20 Nov 2003

CA have joined Microsoft and are offering a free antivirus + firewall normally $49.95.

CA "eTrust EZ armour"

link from microsoft "protect your pc"

Story at, also a link from there. (I don`t know how this software performs but if you need a antivirus and firewall, get it free for a year.

  johnnyrocker 12:23 20 Nov 2003

if you go to click here you get a lifetime free anti virus if you are in europe. and zone alarm do a free firewall as does tiny,panda etc


  hector 911 14:46 20 Nov 2003

this package from CA does seem to offer more than just the basic package "free" products offer.

It`s an open market, take your pick! or we would all use Zonealarm...............?

  Jester2K II 14:50 20 Nov 2003

As johnnyrocker says there are plently of other lifetime free products - Sygate, AVG etc etc

Whats the big deal with CA "eTrust EZ armour"

  Proxy Worm 15:44 20 Nov 2003

I have AVG and zonealarm- they do the job but they have not got any special features- which hardly no-one uses!

  hector 911 16:42 20 Nov 2003

no big deal for me either, but for anyone who might, and are looking for another choice, which there always seems to`s FREE.

Features, pop up stopper/ad prevention,and so on.

No I don`t use it, I use Outpost, I`ve used Norton, which caused bigger headaches than it was worth, and a swine to uninstall .

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