Free Anti virus which one

  john 52 21:01 11 Nov 2008

I must apologize because I know this question must get asked on a regular basis but after using AVG free for many years with the new Version 8 proving very problematic I am looking for an alternative virus checker !!

I would go for Avira virus checker as it seems to be well liked but it does put me off because it has no email scanner .
The other one is Avast which is also popular but seems not as good as Avira.
The problems with Avg I have had are the usual well documented ones like Avg not updating ,false positives, the scanner not ending ( it just keeps scanning for how long the computer is on)

As I have said at the beginning of the post I know this question arises frequently but peoples opinions change and would appreciate some advice from the more experienced members of the forum

  skidzy 21:29 11 Nov 2008

Hi John
Looks like you have done your research,im afraid i do not have more to offer unless you consider a paid package such as kaspersky / Mcafee etc.

I use AVG8 on all my networked computers and have no problems and these range from xp to vista machines.

Some advice but i reckon you know this anyway click here

  woodchip 21:31 11 Nov 2008

My comments, is I tried AVG but was glad to get it off my new Laptop and put Avast on. I have this on other three computers

  Wak 21:53 11 Nov 2008

I go with Woodchip and have used Avast for the last 8 years with no problems and no viruses either. (fingers crossed!!)

  provider 2 22:35 11 Nov 2008

Same here, Avast 4.8 installs, runs, updates and scans reliably and without fuss, and though there is the occasional false positive, I don`t think any of them is free from this particular problem.

It has a pretty thorough anti-spyware component also, and an integral e-mail scanner, neither of which you get with the Avira free version.

The published comparison tests are all very well, but I don`t think they are the final word when deciding which of them to choose. I have found Avast provides a pretty good level of protection and it`s by no means a foregone conclusion that paid-for ones are any better.

  john 52 18:25 12 Nov 2008

Many thanks for your input I have uninstalled Avg and I have now downloaded Avast all seems to gone smoothly.

On AVG you could schedule to scan at a certain time but this does not seem possible with Avast free or have I missed it

  MAJ 18:29 12 Nov 2008

I always found Avast slowed my computer down, so I stuck to AVG and have had no problems.

  provider 2 22:39 12 Nov 2008

Scheduling a scan is not part of the free version options. You can compare the free and paid-for (professional) versions here:

click here

I don`t think this is a major problem, though, for Avast is running all the time anyway, and you can scan manually at any time it suits you best.

More important, I think, are the updates. Avast checks for an internet connection every 40 seconds and phones home for updates every 4 hours:

click here

  provider 2 23:21 12 Nov 2008

More Avast FAQs: click here

  Belatucadrus 23:39 12 Nov 2008

With a little application and Windows task scheduler

click here

  provider 2 23:48 12 Nov 2008


Thanks for that. I didn`t know it was possible with the free version. Seems like a lot of trouble to go to, though, when a couple of clicks will start it scanning anyway.

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