Frameset with my domain names

  yattonharrytoo 16:44 10 Mar 2006

Hi All,
My hair is getting thinner as I pull it out in handfuls!! grin>

My ISP plusnet and my domain name from 1and1 both use a frameset, so if you click onto my website click here you will not be able to view the code at all, unless you rht click on the page itself and view source that way.

This must put spiders off, and that is not what I wish, so can anyone please, please help me with a work around as to how I get around this problem. Many thanks.

  Forum Editor 17:31 10 Mar 2006

"My ISP plusnet and my domain name from 1and1 both use a frameset" I'm not quite sure what you mean - are you saying that you've used a template provided by one of these companies to design your site?

Which software are you using?

  yattonharrytoo 18:02 10 Mar 2006

Hi, thanks for responding.

No, absolutely no way am I using frames at all. The package I am using is Frontpage 2003. If you look at my website click here, ,you will see I am using DWts and includes and I have been trying to sort out my META tags, all sadly to no avail, unless the spiders can 'see' what I have written.

I mean that both plusnet and 1and1 use a frameset
see click here and
click here

You can, view my source by rht clicking on the page. This will show that I do not have any frames at all within my Frontpage site. What is happening is that plusnet use FRAMES with their extensions - so I understand.


  yattonharrytoo 18:03 10 Mar 2006

Should have added 'Pointing your domain to the FP server' on the 'usertools' website

  yattonharrytoo 20:00 10 Mar 2006

Thank you John,
I haven't even offered my site to any of the spiders yet. I have had other websitesand you possibly did cme across my one which was at tripod

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