Frame Settings for Videowave III

  PAE 08:50 09 Dec 2003

I am trying to create a DVD from my daughters wedding VHS tape ( she overwrote her copy) using Videowave III. I am having problems getting the Frame Size to stay where I set it 176x144. It will insist on reverting to the default of 320 x 240 consequently the 20 minute church service is taking up more than 5Gb of space. Won't fit on a 4.5Gb DVD let alone the other sections of the tape.

Is there a way of altering the default setting or do I have to go in and reset every time I make a section cut in the capture session?


  MichelleC 13:23 09 Dec 2003

I won't mention all the hassle i had with VW5, so I'll suggest make sure you're rendering to mpeg (1 or 2) (but with mpeg2 you'll probably need the plugin) and not avi (which is used mostly for printing to tape). The size (5gb) suggests it's avi.

If you're still having probs then there's free progs which are even better than Roxio click here or click here

  PAE 16:24 09 Dec 2003

It won't let me use MPEG. Everytime I select it I get returned to AVI. I am going to try one of the sites you suggested. I have tried 3 programmes so far and haven't found one thatdoes what it says on the box.


  MichelleC 17:05 09 Dec 2003

I spent 3 wasted months trying to get VW5 to work properly, with no support from Roxio. Then I tried S7 (not bad) and Video Factory by Sonic Foundry (now bought out by Sony). There's teething probs with Movie Studio (new name) so I can't even recommend that but if you can get a copy of Video Factory it'd be the best dv editing software for £70. It's big brother is Vegas which can do even more and is also rock solid. The support from Sonic Foundry was always 1st class. As I said there's teething probs with Sony but I'm sure they'll get there in the end. click here

  PAE 08:06 10 Dec 2003

Thanks. The Sony item looks a good deal. I think that is what I will go for.

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