Frame Drop / Network Card Issue?

  JTLR 20:18 23 Jan 2017

My PC is about a year old, average specs, not good but not bad. I primarily use it to browse the internet and live stream. For months I was streaming just fine once every few days or so but then I took a break. Two weeks ago I got on OBS and started my stream and INSTANTLY I started dropping hundreds of frames, tried the Elgato software itself and the same thing!. I figured it was my internet and since then have been daily starting the stream to see if it has stopped and it won't. The issue internet is perfect. I have 150/25 and my speeds are perfect. Finally, I came to the conclusion that it's probably my PC so I went on my brothers cheap Acer laptop and streamed on his PC off of the Elgato software (same internet) and it worked perfectly but when I try on my PC...instant frame drops. I've checked my temperatures and they are normal (mid twenty Celsius when idle and low forties when using the PC). All my drivers are update and about a week ago I attempted to factory restore but it didn't affect anything. WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY PC?!?!?!

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