the fractured hard drive

  SparkyJack 08:55 24 Apr 2014

Having made a fist of one Win8 set up a/factory reset was the way out.

Examining the result the 1Tb drive showed 'C' as system /space used 500 GB and no sign of the rest.

Looking into disk management however revealed the other 'half' as a clutch of small virtual drives and unallocated space' which meant much sweat getting it back to a 50/50 split my ideal.

Why did it do that. ?

  xania 13:17 24 Apr 2014

It is not unknown for laptops nowadays top have the hard drive partitioned in this way. I suspect that what your disk management software is showing is a hidden partition which is necessary for you to run the factory reset, and the remaining space is available for you to use as a second (data?) partition.

  SparkyJack 13:31 24 Apr 2014

In this machine. Lenovo ideas pad Y510P the restore drive 'D' is a 25 GB SSD independent from the 1Tb qmain drive' but get the drift,but odd ten Meg virtual and othercoddz don't make sense.

The original 'new' was 1Tb "C' and 25 GB 'D'

  xania 16:28 24 Apr 2014

Where and when did you buy this laptop? Can you be sure it was brand new when you bought it?

  SparkyJack 11:43 26 Apr 2014

Xania .Absolutely certainly 'new' from John Lewis no less

Back to the problem

I am actually putting in a dual boot system 'and hit various hiccups, when it happens the easy way out is a reset/start over.

On previous occasion the various 'little' partition /were deleted back so that 'C' occupied half the space and the remainder aavailable for backup/storage.

With the current situation the various partition are resisting being deleted.

In the disk management/storage section the display shows as normal,that is top of a screen a list oshowing icons of drives and the lower half with the graphic of the partitions showing the status.

Previously a right click gave a drop/down offering to/format or delete etc. This time all a right click offers a ,help file

Have I missed a 'click' somewhere?

  xania 09:30 28 Apr 2014

John Lewis is good. Can you reset the entire PC back to factory settings?

If so, start again - if not, get in touch with John Lewis for help in getting it back to factory settings. While speaking to John Lewis, you can also ask them about how you have found the hard disk formatted and ask what's there.

Once you have it back to factory settings, you can safely start again with your restructuring in the certain knowledge that, should you mess up again, you can always reset and start again.

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