FP 2003 Sound Files

  quack 20:42 16 Dec 2004

Sorry I have posted this in Help Forum and then realised it should be here. I have updated from FP 2000 to FP 2003 and now find that I cannot insert sound files into my website. The programme refuses to recognise that there are audio files in the folder I open. The files are Windows Media Player format. Any ideas what's wrong? Help of any sort would be welcome.

  Charence 21:42 16 Dec 2004

...just select a random text file which it will accept. Then go to HTML and change it to what you actually want the soundfile to be. Or just do the following.

Click on HTML button in FP, Look for the <head> tag and write this after it.

<bgsound src="music.mp3" loop="-1">

music.mp3 = the filename of your background sound

loop="-1" means the number of times you want it to loop. If you want it to loop forever, insert -1, for other values just write e.g. 1,2,3...


  Forum Editor 07:06 17 Dec 2004

Wave files (*.wav) Midi sequencer files (*.mid)
RealAudio files (*.ram; *.ra) AIFF sound files (*.aif; *.aifc; *.aiff) AU sound files (*.au; *.snd) Moving Picture Experts Group (*.mpeg) MPEG Audio-Layer 3 files (*.mp3 Microsoft Active Streaming files (.*asf)

To insert the sound make sure you're in the page you want and that you are in design view. Then right click anywhere on the page and select page properties. On the general tab, under background sound, locate and click the sound file you want. If you don't see your file type in the list of types when you do this you must manually type the full path to your file.

  quack 09:14 17 Dec 2004

Many thanks FE & Charence.
The right click doesn't work but typing in the full path to my file did. A bit inconvenient but solves the problem. Still can't figure out why FP 2003 fails to do the necessary using the accepted method. I'll reload the programme and see if that works. Thanks again.

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