Foxit PDF Editor How do you edit a PDF?

  Autoschediastic 19:03 23 Sep 2011

Just a simple question please how do you edit text in a PDF document with this program? ive looked on youtube and found nothing? ive got an application form i need to fill in and email back Anyone can help id be VERY greatfull!

  Graphicool1 19:11 23 Sep 2011

Download the Manual...CLICK HERE

  Autoschediastic 19:23 23 Sep 2011

Graphicool1 Hi thanks for that! so in my understanding with this program, i may of just paid for it and now regret what i have just done very much, All i want to do is to be able to fill an application form in so its basic text, BUT this program tells me from Column 49 on the PDF manual that i can ONLY do this in blocks? as in like using a sniping tool in a manor? how terrible is that when the program is so good & they have overlooked the basic elements of filling in an application form?


  AroundAgain 20:11 23 Sep 2011

Are you sure you can't just type in the boxes on the application form? Have you tried to type into any of the boxes?

If they are expecting a form to be completed and emailed back, you won't have been expected to be buying software to do this.

Good luck

  Autoschediastic 20:20 23 Sep 2011

AroundAgain hiya thanks! yeah the software wont let me just hover above and type? there is another process that needs to be done? bit silly really!

Thanks so much

  Autoschediastic 20:21 23 Sep 2011

OR alternatively does anyone know any software that is easy to use that lets me edit the text on a PDF? please??

  AroundAgain 20:27 23 Sep 2011

If the application form is designed to be completed on line, then you should be able to just type in it, using only your browser.

I can't comment on Foxit as I've never used it. Sorry not to be of more help

Can you post a link to the, or similar, site so I, or someone, can try to work it out? I'm not suggesting you send the link of the job you are after though ;)

  Terry Brown 20:36 23 Sep 2011

Could this be the sort of thing you are looking for- Convert PDF to Word format and the you can simply (after adding your text) re-convert it back to PDF


  rdave13 21:29 23 Sep 2011

Not sure if this helps but look at the last post here .

If you print it then print to XPS viewer as you won't be able to save it. Once "printed" in XPS then you can send it as a document.

  rdave13 21:49 23 Sep 2011

Converter to PDF here.

  Autoschediastic 22:33 23 Sep 2011

Terry Brown your link was SPOT ON! thank's so much! now i know i simply wanted it to be in a word format Doh..


Thanks for your time guys im truly greatfull! All sorted now Yaay


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