Fowarding port 80

  Steve Lowe 06:43 23 Mar 2007

I have had some software installed for my business and one of the features is to be able to connect up from my Blackberry while out and about. The company has advised me to ask my isp to foward port 80 to my pc. What does this mean?

Thank You!

  fitshase 08:25 23 Mar 2007

Port 80 is the port on your computer through which internet traffic is routed. This is done as standard and seems a bit of a strange request from "The company".

Is the Blackberry not for connecting to your e-mail? This would be a case of setting up the e-mail settings on the Blackberry much like setting up the e-mail settings on Outlook Express (I'm assuming as I have not used a Blackberry).

  fitshase 08:27 23 Mar 2007
  silverous 09:00 23 Mar 2007

I'm a bit dubious as to why you should need port 80 for a blackberry on your home PC and would be interested to know what software this is for.

By default if someone accesses port 80 on your IP addresses it will come to your machine. Your ISP normally wouldn't stop that so shouldn't need to take any action. If you have a router it will often not pass on any requests it gets from the internet unless you set it to and I suspect that is what they mean.

  Steve Lowe 16:31 23 Mar 2007

Thanks for the reply's! I have got the port forwarding sorted out but am still getting an error 503 comming up when trying to connect from an outside source. I am now told it is probably to do with Norton Antivirus 2007?? Does nav 2007 have a firewall?

Thank you


  Steve Lowe 21:12 24 Mar 2007

All sorted now! It was the firewall!

  silverous 12:28 26 Mar 2007

Great news. Can you elaborate on what it is for though Steve? I'm interested why a blackberry would need port 80 on your home pc.

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