Four removable discs listed in 'My Computer'

  rômanab 22:01 27 Mar 2006

I have just re-installed Windows XP SP2 on a friends PC click here .

I noticed before I formated that he had four removable discs listed (D,E,F,G)even though there were no devices attached and I expected them to go after I re-installed but they are still there.

It is really annoying as his one and only drive, a DVD/CDRW combo, is listed as H and they are just in the way.

Has anyone any idea why they are there?

Thanks in advance

  Dipso 22:06 27 Mar 2006

Has he got a built in card reader?

  rômanab 22:12 27 Mar 2006

Yep, never noticed that :o)

Do they always do that?

  Dipso 22:15 27 Mar 2006

...I only found out after reinstall like you :o) If it really bugs you, you'd have to do another reinstall but disconnect the reader first. I left it, my Dad's PC, not mine ;)

  ed-0 22:22 27 Mar 2006

reinstall but disconnect the reader first.

No need to go that far. Use disk management to reassign the drive letter for the card reader, say I,J,K,L. The reassign the drive letter for combo to D. You can then go back and move the drive letter for the card reader to be in order.

  Dipso 22:24 27 Mar 2006

Thanks for pointing that out and possibly saving rômanab some uneccesary work :)

  rômanab 22:33 27 Mar 2006

Shall do that now.

Thanks Dipso and ed-o.

  rômanab 22:37 27 Mar 2006

Done :o)

  ed-0 22:50 29 Mar 2006

Good ;-)

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