Four loud beeps

  Andsome 07:47 17 Mar 2003

Every day on start up my computer lets out one beep. This morning however when it had been running for about five minutes it let out another four beeps. Everything is still running perfectly thirty minutes later. I just wondered if there is any significance in the beeps. Pentium 4 2.4 GHz, 512 DDR, Windows XP home. Temperatures at present, CPU 27, HDD 30, SYS 24degrees. I don't want to petster the shop if there is no problem.

  Spook Tooth 08:30 17 Mar 2003

1 short beep when displaying logo = No error during POST

Long Beeps in an endless loop = NO DRAM installed or detected

*1 long beep followed by 3 short beeps = Video card not found or video card memory bad*

High frequency beeps when system is working = CPU overheated; System running at lower frequency

You need to hit DELETE key on boot up in order to determine the identity of your BIOS so we can be sure which beep codes are appropriate to you motherboard's BIOS - as you can see they do actually mean something.

You may wish to check further by shutting down your system and powering up a number of times, to find if you are still getting what looks to be a reportage that your video card is perhaps seated wrongly in the AGP slot, is overheated (maybe intermittant fan failure) or that ideed its memory is failing. May just be best to report it to your vendor anyway - best to be on the safe side and they will advise you of their concerns - they'll probably just say "see how it goes"...

Do have a little look inside to see the video card though (take antistatic precautions) and with machine switched off, maybe refit the card back into the AGP slot - don't do this if you have any concerns that it'll invalidate warranty or you don;t feel comfortable doing so - your shop should look after it.

Those temperatures look very good...

  MartinT-B 11:54 17 Mar 2003

They Do Indeed

My CPU runs at 38/39 C

  Andsome 16:53 17 Mar 2003

Thanks for your help. I have contacted the shop and they suggest that I leave it for the time being unless there are any problems occuring. They want to give it a complete healthcheck in a couple more months. At the moment everything is still running perfectly. You know what computers are, it probably had indigestion.

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