Found virus what next?

  fireball XL5 15:53 28 Jul 2003

free AVG found virus in 1 file, it cleaned
it by healing it was not put in virus vault.
test results say
file was
msinst.txt.exe, warning hidden extension,healed ok
i dont no what this file is but do i have to do
anything else. thanks.

  johnbhoy 15:55 28 Jul 2003

Fireball - If next virus scan is okay, then I would not worry, I do not use AVG and cannot say for sure, but it looks to me as if it has got rid of the virus without too much hassle.



  palinka 16:43 28 Jul 2003

fireball XL5, you don't need to do anything. AVG has fixed it. I use AVG.

  Jester2K II 17:21 28 Jul 2003

Don't worry All thats happened is AVG has detected a Double Extension file. ie one where an exe (program) file has been given name of filename.txt. This way it looks like a txt file but is a exe program. Good way for viruses to hide their real nature and get people to open them.

All AVG has done is HEAL the file - only DELETED files appear in the Virus Vault.

Try this simple test.

Make a new text file. Then rename it to Filname.txt.exe scan it with AVG and AVG will detect it as a Double Extension (ie POSSIBLE VIRUS) and rename it to Filename.txt (ie removes the exe ending)

  Jester2K II 17:24 28 Jul 2003

I don't know why the file might have had a double extension in the first place though.

Where did this file come from?

  fireball XL5 19:23 28 Jul 2003

just noticed all my programs listed in
add\remove in control panel have vanished
not sure if it is connected.

  Jester2K II 19:24 28 Jul 2003

Is your AVG up to date??

  fireball XL5 19:37 28 Jul 2003

yes always update regular

  Gaz 25 19:52 28 Jul 2003

It was my idea for dual extension checking, I sent them it and they seem to have used it.

Yes, if you know the file is safe then leave it.

If it is not safe then delete it.

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