Found trojan Win32.killav.dy

  Tick Tock 19:11 11 Dec 2004

just started to use a2 and it found the above
trojan which spybot ad-aware did not,i have removed
it but dont know how long its been there,are there
any other things i should do and what kind of problems will it have caused.

  Jackcoms 20:33 11 Dec 2004

To use the old age, slightly out of context, "if your PC ain't broke don't fix it".

In other words, if it's seems to be running OK, don't worry.

However, it might be worthwhile updating and running your anti-malware programs on a more regular basis - weekly for example.

Also install click here
which will prevent malware being installed in the first place.

  Tick Tock 23:46 11 Dec 2004

Its all up to date and i already use spywareblaster
but it still got through.Iam not having any problems
yet.I also have kerio4 and avg up to date,but could
it have reported back any bank details etc.

  canard 18:33 12 Dec 2004

Presumably if your AV is wirking well Killav has not affected it! Every Asquared update finds something on my PC now. Trojan Win32 [forgotten which model], Bagle [from P to P or emails- don't qualify] and Trojan Java classloader in a zip file but not apparently elsewhere. Pc has had no probs so wonder if A squared is getting over enthusiastic. Spywareblaster, Adaware , Spybot and AVG have not noticed anything!

  Tick Tock 20:47 12 Dec 2004

Thanks for replys its just thats its the first
time i have had trojans so a bit worried.

  gudgulf 21:02 12 Dec 2004

Maybe a sign that A squared is getting better!

In my view anything that can scan for and remove nasties from within zipped folders is good.You would hope that if you get infected your adware tools will detect and remove the threat.Better still if they remove the source file rather than leave it where it is.

It's also worth noting that no one anti- adware/spyware application whether paid for or free is 100% effective at finding all types and variants of the multitude of nasties out there on the web.I use Giant Antispyware(paid for) but also have A2,Adaware,Spybot S&D,SpywareBlaster,CoolwebShredder and Bazooka freeware in my arsenal of tools to keep my computer clear.On top of which my Norton IS 2005 seems to be a lot more effective than I imagined possible at detecting adware/spyware.

  Tick Tock 16:03 13 Dec 2004

I have talked to someone recently who only had
antivirus who thought that was enough,I have told
her about a few of the above programs.

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