Found "SIGMA" pocket photo viewer need assistance

  six-h 22:33 05 Dec 2008

This afternoon, I found the above, bout the size of a box of matches, designed to look like a book.
Seems to be undamaged, and displayed 4 sample pics before I deleted them!
When I connect to my PC it shows as a removable disk, but it cannot be accessed before formatting and this fails.
Any Ideas?

  peter99co 23:20 05 Dec 2008

It needs a driver which is supplied on a mini disc when you purchase.

  six-h 23:38 05 Dec 2008

That's sad!
Is it not possible to download the driver from somewhere?
Google search for "SIGMA" or "SIG GMBH" uncovers nothing, so do I just bin it :-(
Seems a waste?

  Fingees 16:58 06 Dec 2008

If you Google SIGMA Driver

Numerous results appear

Take your pick.

All the best

  six-h 20:38 06 Dec 2008

I've had a good look through those but can't imagine that the "Sigma" company which shows up would make something as tatty and plasticy as this little pocket/keyfob picture viewer!

Looks like it's destined for landfill!!

  peter99co 21:03 06 Dec 2008

It cost £9.95 and also performs as an LED light.

It recharges with a mini usb cable

  six-h 21:30 06 Dec 2008

You've got it exactly!
My only other possible use for it, lacking the necessary driver, is as a USB rechargable light!
That is if it will allow me to charge it without a driver. lol
Do you have one?

  peter99co 18:38 07 Dec 2008

Yes I have one and it contains its own software. It should charge ok if you plug it in.

  Stuartli 19:00 07 Dec 2008

Japanese optical company Sigma has long been renowned for its camera lenses range and now its quality digital SLR camera.

  six-h 21:06 07 Dec 2008

Since I can't access it, can you tell me how much memory it has?
Mine just says "0 bytes used" and "0 bytes free"!

I'll give it a "stay of execution" if I can at least charge it to be able to use the light!

Yes, I found their web site whilst looking for this manufacturer, though the same name, I don't think there is any connection.
The SD14 Camera looks the biz. but a bit rich for my wallet!
I bought the Sony A 300 bundle from Jessops in the end....yet to use it, sitll studying the manual!

  peter99co 21:17 07 Dec 2008

Its 8 mb. works on 2000 XP or higher? It installs DPF 1.8 Select PhotoViewers from a cd rom.

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