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Found old bluetooth dongle will it work?

  Gordon Freeman 17:16 09 Nov 2019

I've found an ADVENT USB 2.0 Wireless Bluetooth Adapter Dongle EDR in my desk drawer. Wondering if it should work with win10?

It's old & on checking seems it's only compatible with XP/Vista/7. I have win10.

Just wondering if I should bin it or try to get it working?

Thought I might be able to stream music from desktop to bluetooth earbuds. I plugged it in usb slot, desktop went 'bing bong', but then I couldn't see that I had bluetooth connection.

If it's a binner no problem, just thought I'd ask before. Thanks.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:07 09 Nov 2019

Have a look in device manager to see if you can find the blutooth adapter, no reason it should,nt work if we can find a driver

This one is a generic driver that works with many bluetooth dongles click here

  Gordon Freeman 20:36 09 Nov 2019

No, nothing there FB..I'll try that generic driver & see what happens, if anything.

As this dongle is BT 2.0, is that going to determine if it'll work with a bluetooth 4.0 or 5.0 device, i.e. the samsung earbuds?

  Gordon Freeman 16:28 10 Nov 2019

Installed software, FB, nothing, no device listed in device mgr, so making an assumption that the dongle is knacked?

Tried running 'my Bluetooth places' and no device found. It doesn't show anywhere so I can't try running in any compatible mode. It's not a major issue, but thanks.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:49 10 Nov 2019

does it show unknown device under USB in device manager?

  wee eddie 08:06 11 Nov 2019

I'm not sure of this but, it is quite possible that modern Bluetooth Devices have difficulty (won't) connect to the early iterations of Bluetooth

  Secret-Squirrel 10:16 11 Nov 2019

.......desktop went 'bing bong'........

A bing-bong and no error message is usually a good sign.

I'm surprised that you couldn't find it in Device Manager but it's worth checking the Notification Area (near the clock) for the Bluetooth icon - you may need to click the little arrow to show hidden icons though:

  Gordon Freeman 10:51 11 Nov 2019

OK I'll try & answer these in turn:

FB - no, no unknown device under USB in device manager

Grumpy - no bubble -I got the 'bing bong' as I mentioned

WE - iterations of Bluetooth- yes that occurred to me - this is an old one the device says Bluetooth v2.0 + EDR, I think my phone is BT 4.0 & as in opening post it seems only compatible with the win versions which I originally listed

SS - no items shown there, but since having installed the software FB gave me a link to, I do have an icon but it's for that software - right clicking on it (it's currently red instead of normal blue) says Bluetooth device not found.

I think it must be either knacked or just not compatible, hence the reason it's not showing anywhere.

This is it by the way Dongle

  Gordon Freeman 11:01 11 Nov 2019

Meant to add, please don't waste any time on this, it was something I found in a drawer; thought I might be able to still use it, but clearly, that's not the case. Thanks for looking in.

  wee eddie 11:49 11 Nov 2019

GF: It's a challenge

  Aitchbee 12:21 11 Nov 2019

Just wondering if I should bin it or try to get it working?

Another option is to donate it to your local charity shop ... it might be useful to someone still using XP.

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