"Found new hardware" problem

  [DELETED] 21:06 21 Aug 2003

I recently reinstalled windows xp. And plugged in my printer via USB. I can't remember how I installed the driver but printer works fine.
Problem is that I get a "found new hardware" message every time I switch on printer. Control panel clearly shows my printer is correctly installed so why does windows keep asking for drivers to be installed?

  xania 09:09 22 Aug 2003

Although, the printer is installed correctly, it still needs to load the software into memory when you switch on your printer. Try switching on your printer before you switch on your computer - then, as WIndows installs, this process will happen invisibly.

  [DELETED] 09:39 22 Aug 2003

Sorry thats just rubbish.

Printers (and other hardware) don't need to "load the software into memory when you switch on your printer". The drivers are integrated in to Windows and function from within the OS.

The problem with the Hardware Wizard Repeatedly appearing on boot up is well known. Unfortunately its causes and solution are not definite.

I would suggest letting it reinstall the drivers (even two or three times) as this has been reported to work.

There is an MS article on this - I'll go and find it.

  [DELETED] 09:41 22 Aug 2003

click here;en-us;298370

Whenever you restart your computer, the Found New Hardware Wizard may detect your previously installed printer, even though it is not a newly installed printer.
This problem may occur if the printer driver does not use Plug and Play for its installation.
To work around this problem, complete all the steps in the New Hardware Wizard, even though the wizard cannot detect a new printer.
To resolve this problem, contact the manufacturer of your printer for an updated driver or specific instructions about how to complete the Found New Hardware Wizard for your particular printer. For example, see the following Hewlett-Packard Web sites for additional information about this problem with particular printers:

HP LaserJet Series Printers
click here

HP LaserJet 3100 Series Products
click here

HP LaserJet 3150 Series Products
click here

HP Designjet Printers

click here

Microsoft has confirmed that this is a problem in the Microsoft products that are listed at the beginning of this article.

  [DELETED] 09:42 22 Aug 2003

Check your Printer manufacturers website for updated drivers. Post make and model and Windows version here if you need help finding them.

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