Found new hardware

  john-232317 10:54 26 Nov 2004

Hi guys, This morning the PC has decided to find new hardware....

Raid controller. What is this ?

1394 net adaptor. is that my firewire card on as a net adaptor ?

ethernet controller. I had a problem with the onboard lan and put in a pci one, has the onboard one woken up again ?

I know the drivers are probably on the Asrock K7S8XE+ Motherboard disc, but maybe they will conflict with something if i put them in, or better still how do i stop XP finding them on startup ?

TIA John

  TomJerry 11:10 26 Nov 2004

did you mess with bios such as load default setting etc?

If you do want any on-board device such as lan and raid or on-board IEEE 1394, just gointo bios and disable them.

  john-232317 11:22 26 Nov 2004

No never touched anything in the bios...

The only thing i did was untick office in the startup in msconfig ?

  john-232317 14:23 26 Nov 2004

Cheers mate you was right, somehow they had enabled themselves in the bios ?

There is no onboard firewire card only the card i put in 6 or 7 weeks ago so where does the 1394 net adaptor come from ? Its always listed with a yellow ! on it above my lan card.

I had a problem with the onboard lan failing and rather than wait for the guy to replace the motherboard we agreed to put in a card for it and this worked fine.

This onboard lan starting to work again wouldn`t have caused the bios changes would it ?

  TomJerry 15:03 26 Nov 2004

just on-board lan start working and PC found it. Now, you can take out PCI lan card and use on-board one.

firewire = IEEE1394 = ilink. It appears as a net adaptor.

  john-232317 15:39 26 Nov 2004

Cheers mate. ;-)) I think i will leave pci as it is.

thanks John

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