Forwarding Emails from one address to another?

  deneka 19:08 08 Jan 2005

Just wondered if anyone could help me on this. I am currently with BT Yahoo Broadband and my contract is due to expire end of this month. Want to save myself some money and as BT is quite expensive, thought I'd give someone else a go. Thing is I use my bt yahoo email address (which comes with the connection) for all my important emails.
Obviously I'll lose this if I switch providers. I do have a hotmail email address aswell & was wondering if there is a way to have all your emails forwarded to another address. e.g) all my emails that get sent to yahoo to be bounced over to my hotmail?

  Halmer 19:11 08 Jan 2005

from dial up modem (ic24) to Pipex B/B it still checks the ic24 server for me and downloads any mails for me.

Can't remember doing anything special to get this so it must have been fairly simple.

  Jeffers22 19:22 08 Jan 2005

You mayneed to maintain a pay as you go dial up connection with BTYahoo and access it once (via dial up) ervery 30 or 90 days to keep it live.

Getting your emails from that account via your new broadband connection should not be a problem. sending via the old account may be. Suggest you ring them and ask.

If you don't do a lot of downloading, take a look at Metronet, their capped BB is one of the cheapest I've come across click here and the price is capped without stopping you from connecting and using it.

  deneka 21:28 08 Jan 2005

Halmer - I did something similar when I switched from Dial up with BT to Broadband. Managed to keep my same email address, but as I want to switch to another company completely, I don't think this will be possible. Was wondering really if there was some sort of tool I could d/l that would allow emails to be forwarded.

Jeffers22 - Thanks for that link. Never heard of them, but will take a look. Not very good at understanding all the jargon, but how would this company compare to the very basic of Broadband packages from BT? I think their cheapest is £17.99 per month, which would mean I could keep my email address. I don't do alot of d/l. None atall really. Mainly just use the internet for Ebay and chatting to friends. Thanks.

  Dennis1 21:50 08 Jan 2005

I'm with wanadoo before that I was with tiscali. I still receive my mail from tiscali but as stated previous you have to use your other ISP about once a month to keep it intact, you only need to log on and then log more or less straight off to keep it alive. dennis

  deneka 12:11 09 Jan 2005

How much extra does that cost you Dennis? to keep that account active?

  Dennis1 20:29 09 Jan 2005

I usually log on once a month, minimum phone charge @5p a time =60p per year approx.Dennis

  palinka 20:39 09 Jan 2005

I thought Yahoo was webmail. Even if it isn't you can get it as webmail by using your new isp to access the website of yahoo and going to "check my mail" (or whatever equivalent expression they use). You could do this from any computer anywhere. But keeping the account live so that people can write to you at the old address probably requires that you use the old address once every month or so via the original isp (ie not by the webmail route)

  deneka 21:45 09 Jan 2005

the email address is [email protected]
Which is a yahoo email account. But I'm not sure I'd be able access that, without subscribing to BT? could anyone clarify that?

  Dennis1 22:31 09 Jan 2005

I don't know about Bt openworld having never used it but as I've said I d/load all my mail via my wanadoo connection, tiscali>yahoo>gmail.I only log on to tiscali to keep that address alive becuse I've had it a long time and most people still mail me there.

  billyliv 23:28 09 Jan 2005

Hi, Most ISPs have a mail forwarding option. I have e.mail addresses registered with 'Freeola' and they forward any mail to my NTL address. I dont need to log into Freeola. Cheers, Bill

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