Forwarded e-mails only open in Incredimail

  Bobnik 15:20 13 Jun 2010

I currently use Windows Live Mail and my daughter uses incredimail. We have an XP desktop with separte logins. Whenever I recieve an e-mail which has been forwarded, and I opn the attachemnt in live mail, the mail opens up incredimail. I have Live mail as my default programme but can't stop this happening. Any suggestions welcome

  Sea Urchin 15:31 13 Jun 2010

What type of files are the attachments? An attachment would not usually open in another email program, but as a document or a .pdf file etc.

The only exception would be if the attachment was itself another email.

  Bobnik 15:35 13 Jun 2010

Attachment are other e-mails which have been forwarded.

  T I M B O 15:42 13 Jun 2010

Incredimail is always going to be an issue. There is junk hidden within the software. As you can tell from ur own experience its trying to make you use it instead of ur usual email client. Incredimail is not serious software. Anybody that sends me an email using Incredimail i block them.

I guess u can tell i don't like Incredimail, but with good reason. I get paid good money to clean the mess it leaves behind.

  Sea Urchin 16:10 13 Jun 2010

First open Internet Explorer - go to Tools menu - Internet Options - Programs tab. Make sure that Windows Live Mail is selected as the eMail program - click Apply and OK.

Then go to Start and Select Program Access and Defaults. Expand the Custom heading - and click beside Use my current email program. On the right-hand side of WLM make sure there is a tick in the box - Enable access to this program but not in any of the other email programs that might be displayed. Click OK.

  Bobnik 16:39 13 Jun 2010

Many thanks for the advice. Tried checking both use my current e-mail programme and also setting WLM as the default. Only other option is outlook express which is un-checked. Incredimail still opens up when I open a forwarded e-mail

  Sea Urchin 18:11 13 Jun 2010

Your daughter should log in to her account - then navigate to

C:\Documents and Settings\(her account name)\Start Menu\Programs. Highlight Programs and check in the right pane that Incredimal is showing. Then go to

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs. Highlight Programs and then delete Incredimail from the right pane.

Then log out and into your account, and as above navigate to

C:\Documents and Settings\(your account name)\Start Menu\Programs. Highlight and look for Incredimail in right pane - if it's there delete it.

Take good care not to delete anything else.

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