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  BigBodhran 06:37 19 Sep 2005

Hi all, I'm not a regular here and have limited computer knowledge, i'm currently looking to upgrade an old laptop and am wondering if there is any good forums that might assist me. The laptop is a HP and their site offers little in the way of technical advice. So if there are any tech savvy people out there please help. Cheers David.

  Taff36 06:54 19 Sep 2005

I have had my hands on three HP laptops over the last two years and can`t agree that the HP website is poor on tech support. Needs a bit of hunting through the masses of information perhaps!

Laptops are notoriously difficult to upgrade other than basic memory, HDD etc because every manufacturer uses bespoke components unlike a desktop/tower where you can mix and match fairly easily. Consequently the costs of upgrades are prohibitive and batteries alone cost around £100 for a lot of models. That aside, there are specialist laptop repairers who can get the parts but they know how to charge as well.

My laptop was a Compaq Evo 1015V and about 3 years old and cost £800 new. An excellent reliable machine. I had spent £120 on a new battery 6 months ago and then an inverter failure rendered it useless. Estimate for repair about £150. If the two decisions had been made at the same time I wouldn`t have repaired it. An upgrade in memory and a bigger 60Gb HDD would cost about £140 to DIY - so I could spend almost the cost of a new laptop of similar spec.

Give us the make and model and let us know what you want to achieve in the upgrade including what you want to use it for. Might have some suggestions.

  BigBodhran 17:25 19 Sep 2005

Thanks for the reply Taff,
I am not an adept at using Web sites etc so i may have missed vital links on the HP site. However, the laptop is a HP Omnibook XE3, approx 4/5 yrs old. My daughter now uses it and the H/Drive has failed. I tried to access the H/D but gave up after finding two screws under the screen hinge unaccessible.Is there an online manual available ?
If i could replace the H/D and upgrade the Ram i'd be very happy. I'm just unsure if i can use any model of H/D etc. I do realise that the Ram has to be the same... i.e PC133 both 128 Mhz etc etc.
Any help would be appreciated, even if it tells me i should leave it to the experts, though i'd really like to give it a try, as you mentioned the techs can be pricey.
Thanks again, David.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:30 19 Sep 2005

It's easy to upgrade the memory, but to reach the hard drive click here
for instructions

  woodchip 19:32 19 Sep 2005

You cannot upgrade a Laptop only add extra Memory. Only upgrade is a fresh Laptop. Sorry

  BigBodhran 06:56 20 Sep 2005

Thanks guys... so far i've just been able to get into the cms web site but cannot access the pdf files. Will keep trying. If all looks easy enuff i may just give it a try. Thanks again.

  Taff36 08:43 20 Sep 2005

HP Support click here I don`t know exactly which model but the link on this page will tell you where to find it on your laptop.

When you say the HDD has failed what are the symptoms? Have you tried inserting your Operating System or recovery disc and checking the drive using check disk. In any event replacing the HDD is relatively easy and they are pretty standard.

  dan11 09:00 20 Sep 2005

Try this click here page 53. PDF so it may take awhile to load. This is for the xe3-gc which sounds like yours.

  BigBodhran 06:38 21 Sep 2005

Once again many thanks for the help. I'm still having trouble getting into the link for the PDF. Will work on it when i get time. Cheers.

  dan11 06:50 21 Sep 2005

I have up-loaded it, for you. click here

have you got acrobat reader on your pc?

  BigBodhran 07:05 21 Sep 2005

Thanks Dan, I am amazed with how many small useful programs there are out there, i find i am really a net novice. I got it downloaded and now know things about the wee laptop that were beyond me lol.
Thanks to all for your help. David.

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